Industry: Photography | Company Location: 37603 Holzminden | Website: http://www.fischer-foto.de

After using the spam filter offered by EuropeanMX in the trial version, we immediately noticed an extremely reduced receipt of spam mails.

Not only did this save us a lot of work and time, but it also increased our safety from catching a virus that could have caused us extreme damage.

Solely this security feature is a definite plus for EuropeanMX!

- Andreas Fischer - CEO

tog.is information design

Company Location: Germany | Website: https://www.togis.com

A product is only as good as the service behind it. Therefore, for well over 10 years, we have worked successfully with the creators of EuropeanMX who, with their flexibility and an uncomplicated and customer-oriented approach, cover our backs in our daily work.

With EuropeanMX we now have another strategic product in our portfolio which allows us to provide our customers with maximum comfort and a positive user experience.

- Tobias Greitzke


Industry: Lift Installations | Company Location: Via Bergamo 28H – Merate LC – Italy | Website: http://www.tpagroup.it

It was a long time we thought to move our mail services outside the company, because of the big amount of spam and viruses we realized to have.
Internal systems are never working as expected even if you spend hundreds euros per year.

Now with EuropeanMX services we got rid of our spam and virus amount and we saved lot of connectivity bandwidth thanks to the “only clean” messages that reach our servers.

We also saved money for relaying systems used with another supplier before, and now inside European-MX.

Also, a good communication level has been established with sales and support teams of EuropeanMX, who also showed to be flexible enough on our real exigencies.

I would highly suggest any company like us, with 6 domains and 50 mail addresses used at the same time.

- Claudio Carcano - TPA GROUP


Industry: Wellness | Company Location: St. Marein - Austria | Website: http://www.trade-line-partner.com

We are very happy with the company EUNETIC GmbH.

The employees are extremely competent and answer fast to E-Mails.

We can highly recommend the company.

- Michael Edlinger

Troak Bau GmbH & Co. Ausbau KG

Company Location: München | Website: http://www.troakbau.de

It is only possible to work for us after we activated the EuropeanMX Spamfilter.

The problem is known to many: once the domain name itself ends up on those many lists for spam distributors, the spam flood is guaranteed. That is exactly what happened to us. Various server security options have not helped us. It had to be a professional service.

EuropeanMX was the third one I tested. After about 2 weeks I knew: that's it!

A lot of settings offer a comfort with fine tuning, the Admin console is intuitively built and also makes it possible to act as a good basis for individual adjustments even for non-experienced IT managers. And still, the most important is: if any questions still arise, EuropeanMX offers a customer service that cares and actually stays tuned until the customer gets what he expects!
Our 20 employees have never worked so relaxed with the Outlook. I can recommend this service without restrictions.

- Zdravko Granic, IT Systemadministrator

Visus Media

Industry: Full Service Agency - IT | Company Location: Rastatt | Website: http://www.visus-media.de

The decision for the E-mail filter EuropeanMX arose when the flood of junk mail, the fishing mails and the number of emails with Trojans and viruses increased so much, that we needed more than 10 minutes per day to have all these messages deleted. 10 minutes was our dedicated limit, which no longer existed after the implementation of EuropeanMX.

The email traffic had to be safe again. In the often hectic business day of an agency,  you can not really take too much time to look for junk mails. This costs in the end more money, if you just count the time loss per day, let alone what happens if a trojan or virus comes into the system. This is the task of the EuropeanMX. Similar offers have to be taken to anticipate it, not approaching the same protective effect as EuropeanMX.

The hoped-for relief came very quickly. The two or three messages which still reach us over a week, are reported as spam and so we keep the system up to date.

We filter several email addresses with EuropeanMX, all with great success. We save time, and although we are all still "watchful" in dealing with our email, we are a little calmer as we know the EuropeanMX does not let the whole junk go to us.

We can only recommend the product EuropeanMX, since the price performance is right and the support, if you need it times, is excellent.

- Martin Weyrauch - CEO

VLSI Solution Oy

Industry: Integrated circuits | Company Location: 33720 Tampere, Finland | Website: http://www.vlsi.fi

The EuropeanMX spam filter was very easy to setup and configure, maintaining the filter is also effortless.
Spam messages have just disappeared after deploying the filter.

- Erkki Ritoniemi

Volunteer fire department of the city Steyr

Industry: Feuerwehr | Company Location: 4400 Steyr | Website: http://www.ff-steyr.at

After our previous mail gateway was getting old and unfortunately always unreliable, we were looking for an easy to implement and effective SPAM and Virus protextion, we found the solution from EUNETIC on the Internet. The installation was done in a few minutes, after a lead time of 24 hours we can now say that we nearly are 100% free of SPAM.  Many Thanks!

- HAW Mag. Helmut Hackl

Weboleo Internet Agency

Company Location: Germany | Website: http://www.weboleo.de

We use EuropeanMX for over a year now and since then, our company network is reliably protected against spam and viruses. It was especially important for us was, in addition to the E-mail Security, also the possibility to archive e-mails.

With EuropeanMX we now have found a safe and ideal email backup solution. All archived emails remain ready at hand at any time thanks to the easy-to-use and intuitive web interface.

Conclusion: The EuropeanMX cloud solution offers reliable email protection, both for incoming and outgoing messages, and in addition an email archiving service at a great price."

- Martina Greiner

Wepetec Harder Inh. Kai Harder e.K.

Industry: IT | Company Location: 32369 Rahden | Website: http://wepetec-rahden.de


With EuropeanMX we have switched from archiving software to a reliable third-party provider. In addition, we found a great spam filter through EuropeanMx. Thanks a lot!

- Kai Harder - Wepetec

Whitecon Kommunikationsdienstleistungen

Industry: Kommunikationsdienstleistungen | Company Location: 23845 Itzstedt | Website: https://www.whitecon.de

As a company in the communications services industry we wondered what would happen if our e-mail server crashes or is not available? Sure, we have a backup but that can take several hours, and during that time we would have no access to our emails.

Therefore, we were looking for a partner for the e-mail Archiving and our choice is EuropeanMX.

Through the control panel, we can easily and at any time access our complete archive of e-mails. In addition, thanks to a two-factor authentication, the access is very well protected against any third parties.

Our decisive point for EuropeanMX as a provider, however, is the very competent help with the first setup and conversion from e-mail server to the EuropeanMX Relay. Here the provider has a very simple and also for people with few experience well documented instructions. The Support Staff helps you via phone or e-mail, so we were able to make all necessary changes within only 15 minutes.

- Sascha Patrick Serfus


Industry: SEO & Online Marketing | Company Location: 63571 Gelnhausen | Website: http://www.wiv-gmbh.de

We are very pleased with the service provided by Eunetic and have been able to greatly reduce our spam volume.

- Bernd Weidmann - CEO

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