Politecnica Ingegneria e Architettura

Industry: Consulting firm in the architecture & engineering | Company Location: Sede di FIRENZE | Website: http://www.politecnica.it

Our Company handles some hundred mailboxes and EuropeanMX service works very well for us.

In the last months, before subscribing to the EuropeanMX Service, we experienced massive SPAM attacks and substantial untrustworthyness in mail delivery; now our mail service has greatly improved, our mail servers workload is reduced, the inbound SPAM almost completely stopped and delivery finally reliable.

We also appreciate the help by the EuropeanMX Support, which is always being there when we need it.

- Alessandro Bindi, ICT manager, Politecnica Enginee

Röttger GmbH & Co. KG

Industry: Werkzeugbau | Company Location: 51709 Marienheide | Website: https://roettgergmbh.de

We are completely satisfied with the spam filters from EuropeanMX. The program works flawlessly and thanks to the quick feedback, questions are resolved competently within a very short time.

- Klaus Röttger - CEO

R2IT e.K.

Industry: IT-Services | Company Location: 85737 Ismaning | Website: http://r2it.de

As an IT service provider, it is important for R2IT to find a reliable spam solution. After many on-line system tests, we have now arrived at EuropeanMX.

In terms of performance, recognition rate and service, we are very satisfied and are increasingly converting our customer systems to EuropeanMX. A clear recommendation for anyone who wants to get the flood of spam under control.

- Detlev Riebau - CEO

ReTecCom GmbH

Industry: IT | Company Location: 09221 Neukirchen | Website: https://www.reteccom.com


No more spam .....

Spam emails have been piling up every day in recent years. On average, there were up to 500 spam mails a day. So we needed a reliable solution. In the end we tested the European MX spam filter. Setup was easy and the support team was available at any time with questions. The results were very exciting. Since we started using the European MX spam filter, the proportion of spam has dropped to almost 0%. We can definitely recommend this solution and are happy to have found a perfect solution for us with European MX.


- Daniel H. - ReTecCom GmbH

Rowisoft GmbH

Industry: Software Development | Company Location: 92256 Hahnbach | Website: https://www.edooli.com

The publication of our online billing program was accompanied by the registration of our company in various online directories. Unfortunately, that also led to a significant increase in SPAM traffic. The solutions used so far could hardly help - either the false / positive rate was so high that sometimes important mails disappeared or there were simply too many unwanted messages.
Since we started using EuropeanMX, it has suddenly improved - and with zero maintenance! We are therefore extremely satisfied with this great service.

- Robert Wismet, CEO

RST Datentechnik GmbH

Industry: IT Services | Company Location: 79774 Albbruck | Website: https://rst.de

We have been active on the internet since 1996. Over time, our email addresses have been added to more and more newsletters and spam lists. As a result, we have a relatively high volume of mail, of which 95% are just unnecessary spam messages. The time to process the e-mails became more and more complicated by filtering out the valid e-mails and also cost us a lot of valuable working time.

That's why we started looking for an effective spam filter early on and have already tried several products. But it was always the case that many messages were mistakenly not marked as spam and - even worse - many valid messages were filtered out. Overall, the time saved by these solutions was very low. With much skepticism, we have therefore tried EuropeanMX.

But actually no other solution has been so successful in sorting out useless spammails like EuropeanMX. There is almost no more spam and the false positives have gone down to almost zero. We are very satisfied and can definitely recommend the solution.

- Sascha Tobler - CEO

Schmid Digital

Company Location: Germany | Website: http://www.schmidigital.de

I was desperately looking for a solution for a customer that had required an email firewall with integrated quarantine. After I tried desperately to setup something myself and had only very outdated software, I started a Google search for a company which offers that.

I found EuropeanMX and was immediately surprised by the attractive design. After I had created everything, there were still some configuration problems. But Mr. Mango always stood aside and helped me solving any problems.

Conclusion: The problem was solved and the customer was satisfied. I am glad and will continue working with EuropeanMX!"

- Michael Schmid

Schreibwaren Reichlmayr

Industry: Stationery | Company Location: 85221 Dachau | Website: https://reichlmayr.net

After our previous provider had not managed to get the spam problem under control, we set up the Eunetic spam filter. Since then the spam problem has been solved. This platform can only be recommended. Spam is reliably filtered. We have not found any incorrect filtering since then.


- Marco Reichlmayr - Owner

Schuhhaus Otto Rissel e.K

Industry: Schuhaus | Website: http://www.schuhhaus-rissel.de

We have been using the spam filter from Eunetic very successfully for some time now. We have almost no SPAM since the beginning of the project, but we did not have to make any special adjustments. We would like to thank Eunetic for their support, and we would also like to recommend it.

- Christian Rissel - Owner

secur-view ab

Industry: International Trade & Development | Company Location: SE-72476 VVasteras | Website: https://www.secur-view.com

After years of increasing spam entering our email folders, days of collective work to 'tune' anti-spam systems all whilst trying to have zero impact on the users and ease of use, we tested some cloud email providers.

After the same seeming issues with spam and lost non-delivered emails we moved to EuropeanMX and have not looked back since. High performance, impressive breadth and depth of offerings with scale, and a personal and very effective support team are all both reasons we are delighted with the service and a surprise, especially the openness and help from the team when we have questions.

If you use email, you should be using EuropeanMX - its that simple.

- Nick Ellenden - director

Simply Computers Ltd

Industry: IT Services | Company Location: Cayman Islands | Website: http://www.simplycomputers.ky

We were looking for a spam filtering solution and tried several Exchange server products.
These products did not work satisfactorily and I was forced to find a service that was nowhere near as expensive as the other options.

The Eunetic platform is excellent and has resolved my clients’ spam issues.
The price is right and the interface gives us a great degree of configuration options although the product is functional immediately.

- David Shibli - Owner

Skodock Verwaltungs- und Vertriebs-GmbH

Industry: Metalworking | Company Location: 30826 Garbsen | Website: https://www.skodock-elasteflex.com/de

An excellent price / performance ratio and always friendly support.

We also use internal filters, but wanted to filter the lion's share already in front of our network.
The spam detection rate is very satisfactory and false positives are negligible.
After a good six months of intensive use, I can recommend the product with a clear conscience.

- Sven Akemann-IT-Administrator

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