Marinvest ApS

Industry: financial services industry | Company Location: 2960 Rungsted Kyst

After for some time having received a shocking number of offers ranging from Russian girls over ways to regain lost manhood to ways to become very wealthy very quickly (or more likely the opposite!) we decided to install an external spam filter and luckily found EuropeanMX.

We received very helpful service over the phone as well as via mail and installation was easy and without problems. Since then we have received just a couple of spam mails and as the system includes a learning process we were able to teach it to block similar mails.

Similarly a mail (just one)  which we detected in the log, which was not spam was retrieved and the system subsequently lets similar mails through.

We are happy!

- Erling Højsgaard - Marinvest

mgl design

Industry: Grafic-Design | Company Location: Munich | Website: http://mgl-design.de

The Spam amount is reduced to a tenable minimum since I am using the EuropeanMX Anti Spam Filter.

- Michael Gehmlich-Lipsky - Owner


Industry: ISP | Company Location: 5301 Eugendorf (AT) | Website: https://www.mikas.at

We have been using EuropeanMX for some time and are absolutely satisfied with the filtering of SPAM and viruses. The additional archiving supports us as a reliable mail backup and absolutely fulfills the statutory requirements for retention.

As a next step, we are planning to offer EuropeanMX to all our customers as an additional hosting service. And we are pleased to have found a reliable partner with EuropeanMX!
- Michael Häusler

Modemobil GmbH

Industry: textile industry | Company Location: 42285 Wuppertal | Website: http://modemobil.de

The use of EuropeanMX has reduced our spam volume to almost zero. This relieves us and our Francisepartners considerably. We save about 15 minutes of working time per day per e-mail inbox, which we can now profitably use for our core business.

- Dipl.-Ök. Beate Winklewsky, CEO

Morell Business Advisors and Strategic Consultants

Industry: Business Management Consulting | Company Location: Madrid, Spain | Website: http://www.morellconsultor.es

For a small company with limited resources, spam is a constant problem that cannot be resolved due to lack of resources.
In our case, every day we received 95% of junk emails that blocked our server and mail managers.
Apart from the headaches and the loss of time, all the solutions we found to filter spam from our own server, did nothing but increase it and lose reputation.
Thanks to EUNETICS's European MX, we have solved our problem easily and with little effort.
Today spam is an anecdote for us.

- Hermenegildo Morell Fuentes - Socio-Director


Industry: IT Telematik | Company Location: CH-5033 Buchs AG | Website: https://www.morininet.ch

Due to an unsatisfactory anti-spam solution, we were looking for a new solution. After some research, we came across the solution of EuropeanMX, which was very interesting. We decided to test the solution and were surprised by the ease of use and the quick and easy commissioning. From the first minute, our spam volume has dropped to almost zero. We are very satisfied with the solution and can recommend it with a clear conscience.

- Loris Morini – Owner


Industry: Foods | Company Location: Kuwait | Website: http://natureland.net

We switched from another service to EuropeanMX and would do it again any time:

The support leaves nothing to be desired, is very helpful and friendly and the setup was extremely easy. We have no IT-Administrator in house and still it was done in no time.

With a little adjustment in the settings and the reporting tool of the few remaining spam messages in our inboxes we were completely spam free within the first days of the free trial.

We can highly recommended EuropeanMX!

- Jan Matthias Colberg


Industry: IT Services | Company Location: 95300 Pontoise | Website: https://nikolsen.com

We switched from Google Apps (ex Postini) to Eunetic for the better: affordable and quality service.

- Nicolas Gorczyca

OpavaNet a.s.

Industry: ISP-Services | Company Location: CZ | Website: http://www.opavanet.cz

As an ISP company we have been offering appropriate AV/AS protection services to our customers for many years. After experimenting with numerous OpenSource based solutions for several years, we have come across the EuropeanMX service, which we decided to test.

We have started with the trial version for our corporate e-mail accounts and as we have been fully satisfied with the good results achieved, we have decided for our company to change for its full version. We have been also receiving very positive feedback on the high quality of the service from our customers, to whom we started providing this service based on our positive experience.

Additionally, we would like to highlight a very good technical support provided by the Eunetic company. So overall, we would like to give the EuropeanMX services from Eunetic our highest recommendations.

- Josef Kopacek, CTO, OpavaNet a.s.

Pace Telecom

Industry: Telecommunication | Company Location: Gresford Industrial Estate, Gresford | Website: http://www.pacetelecom.co.uk

We have been using EuropeanMX for a number of months now to assist us in the delivery of secure email communications. We have found this supplier to be very professional and offer a truly resilient and redundant platform which we integrate into our digital platform.

- Thomas Markey - Head of IT

Panem Backstube GmbH

Industry: Bakery | Company Location: 99752 Bleicherode | Website: http://www.panem-backstube.de

We received more spam and especially phishing mails with fake attachments. We wanted to counter this danger with an external spam filter.

After a comparison in the market, we came to EuropeanMX. After the free four-week test and consistently positive response in the company, we decided to continue to use the service. Users find the daily spam report particularly positive.

- Thomas Maßwig - Head of IT

Patrick Dörn

Industry: Software Development | Website: https://doern.eu

As a small company involved in software development and infrastructure provisioning, we have been trying to control the daily flood of spam for a long time. However, a permanent intervention is necessary here in order to adapt the filters to the current conditions.

After testing various other options we finally switched to EuropeanMX by Eunetic GmbH. Since then, the daily spam volume that arrives on our Exchange server is close to zero. Coupled with the regionally distributed MX servers, the convenient management of all options via the web interface and the possibility to also route the outgoing mails via the infrastructure of EuropeanMX, this is the ideal solution that satisfies us 100%.

- Patrick Dörn

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