HS Wohnbau GmbH

Industry: Estate Management | Company Location: DE-73079 Süßen | Website: https:/http://wohnbau-hs.de

Despite our small company size, spam emails were an ever-growing problem that we were able to significantly reduce by using the EuropeanMX spam filter.

- Henrik Scherfler

HTS Touristik

Industry: Tourism | Company Location: Germany | Website: http://www.london-kurztrip.de

The times in which one could still smile about the contents of a spam e-mail are unfortunately over. On the one hand the quantity of pests has taken alarming proportions (and stole our valuable business time) and on the other hand identifying that many Spam and phishing E-Mails has become difficult, which of course represents a serious threat to every company.

Even with more than two decades of experience one is often very close to walk into the trap. Not imagine how less experienced users or employees would handle this, the resulting damage doe not need to be mentioned. Customers expect faster response times in any branch of business, and thus the pressure of time to filter good from bad messages is increasing.

Therefore, we are of course grateful for the support of EuropeanMX and here is used what can be called artificial intelligence - the performance of a software coupled with the human decision wealth leads to constant learning and development process (trainable filter) - what is known as Win-Win situation.

Our personal experience and that of all connected clients helps to make the filter even more powerful and this protection comes back to all of us so we can profit off it. In our team we all handle E-Mails with a safer feeling now - nevertheless, our staff is sensitized to always remain vigilant so that the level constantly, both in the offline and online world, is always kept at a high level.

- Stefan Heinzl

Images & Words, Bäuerle + Findeis GbR

Industry: IT-Services, Software Development. | Company Location: Ludwigsburg | Website: http://www.images-words.de

The volume of e-mails in our company has increased dramatically in recent years due to spam mails. In some cases, we no longer came along with the sighting and the associated separation of wheat and chaff. As a result, some emails were lost or accidentally deleted.

With the use of EuropeanMX, this has changed in one fell swoop for the better - so e-mail is fun again. Only relevant e-mails are received by us and the overview of the mailbox is granted again.

- Jörg Bäuerle M.A., Dipl-Ing. (FH) Jürgen Findeis (CEO)


Industry: Information Technology | Company Location: Liep?ja, Latvija | Website: http://inrex.lv

As is known, very often small companies struggle with SPAM. We were fed up with the problem ourselves and decided to outsource
Our choice is EUNETIC's EuropeanMX. Easy to understand and use interface. Spam volume dropped by 95% during trial, thanks to EUNETIC's EuropeanMX.

- Raivis Ekšteins - CEO

intension GmbH

Industry: Identity und Access Management | Company Location: 73760 Ostfildern | Website: https://www.intension.de

The use of the EuropeanMX spam filter drastically reduces the amount of spam. The recognition is astonishingly accurate even in the basic setting. We did not notice any mail that was wrongly stuck in the spam filter. The initial configuration is easy to handle. The operation via the admin panel is very clear. All in all, a clean solution that we would recommend.

- Daniel Wagner

Internet BillBoard a.s.

Industry: Advertising | Company Location: 746 01 Opava CZ | Website: http://www.ibillboard.com

After the transition to our new email server, we searched for an high quality spam filtering solution.
Based on the recommendations we chose Europeanmx company which fulfilled our vision.
The transition went swiftly without any problems. We are very satisfied with the solution and looking forward to long term cooperation.

- Michal Matula, CEO

Joe Kramer | Photodesign

Industry: Photography | Company Location: 44227 Dortmund | Website: https://joe-kramer.de/index.php

The flood of spam has cost my company a lot of frustration, time and work. With EuropeanMX I was able to test the performance first with a resounding result. Spam was yesterday. We have been using the service for over a year now and do not want to give it up again.

- Joe Kramer, Photographer


Industry: Bakery | Company Location: 746 01 Opava, CZ | Website: http://www.knappe.cz

After the transition to our own email server, we searched for an appropriate spam filtering solution. Based on recommendations and testing, we chose Europeanmx company to meet our vision. The transition took place very swiftly without any problems. We are very satisfied with the solution.

- Tomas Knappe – CTO

Krysztaly 3D

Company Location: Poland | Website: www.krysztaly3d.pl

Great functionality for very reasonable price. EuropeanMX is an effective tool which freed our inboxes from being flooded with spam. The strongest side of Eunetic GmbH however is an outstanding technical support team. We are their clients because of these advantages.

- Kamil Sawon

Kunstbande GbR

Industry: Culture and Politics | Company Location: 97199 Ochsenfurt | Website: http://kunstbande.de

We work with many agencies, theaters, fairs, organizers and artists. Our e-mail addresses are widely known. This means that spam is a real challenge for us. To cope alone is simply impossible. With EuropeanMX we have found a partner who does a great job. We can advise without hesitation: become a customer! Use the resources of this company. The result will significantly improve your daily work.

- Leander Sukov

Landhaus Hotel Sommerau

Industry: Hotel- and Restaurant Services | Company Location: 87474 Buchenberg | Website: https://www.landhaus-sommerau.de

Since we use EuropeanMX, we have more time for important emails, because unwanted advertising is neatly sorted out.
We have an overview of the sorted out mails and can retrieve any erroneously deleted mails if necessary.
We are very satisfied with the services of EuropeanMX!

- Michael Kramm - Owner

Laudeley Betriebstechnik

Industry: Renewable energy | Company Location: Ritterhude | Website: https://www.laudeley.de

We use EuropeanMX from Eunetic for all our email traffic. Eunetic has been a great support and guidance to us throughout the setup, testing and implementation process.
The changeover from our own mail server was very simple and went without any complications.
Since then we are on the safe side and can check our emails with confidence.
For us as a company in the field of renewable energies, communication is mostly based on e-mail, so quality is very important to us!

- Michael Strubenhoff, Projektreferent / Administrator

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