EcholoN - mIT solutions GmbH

Industry: IT-Systemhaus | Company Location: Borstel-Hohenraden | Website: https://www.mitsolutions.de

The mIT solutions GmbH is a leading manufacturer of a holistic service management solution.

Following the abolition of the former E-Mail provider, EuropeanMX has been selected due to it´s responsive services.

It is expected with the use of EuropeanMX to enable faster processing and easier handling also as enhanced protection against viruses and spam. Currently 3 domains are filtered. The effect of the Mailfilter is reflected by the significant decrease of incoming spam. Likewise, the cost of inspection and filtering of spam could be reduced.

Meanwhile, the usability is perceived as very clear, because of steady improvements of the service.

- Iris Müller

ECL Technologies & Consulting GmbH

Industry: Consulting | Company Location: 83404 Ainring | Website: http://ecl-gmbh.de

The flood of spam was so terrible for us and our customers that we are happy to be able to return to our actual business with the use of the Europeanmx spam filter.

- Gerhard Kimmeringer - CEO

EK Solutions Holdings

Industry: IT Solutions Provider | Company Location: Parktown, South Africa | Website: http://www.ek-solutions.co.za

We had used several anti-spam solutions for our customers. Many of our customers still had received too much spam or malicious software. But since we use the hosted spam filter from EuropeanMX, the spam volume for our customers has drastically declined.

So far we did not have a single customer who was attacked with malicious software via email. The simple but above all varied settings of the hosted solution also convinced us.

We can recommend the use of the EuropeanMX AntiSpam Solution without exception.

- Elmar Klan – Managing Director EK Solutions Holdings

Elcotec GmbH

Industry: Entertainment electronics & event technology | Company Location: 48268 Greven | Website: www.elcotec-electronic.de

Thanks to EuropeanMX we have managed to reduce the daily flood of spam messages by 99%. The filtering saves us a lot of time and reduces the reception of potentially dangerous emails almost completely. It was very easy to set up and the support was always available for questions.

- Marc Farwick, CEO

Fischerkleidung GmbH

Industry: Clothing store | Company Location: 77978 Schuttertal-Schweighausen (Schwarzwald) | Website: http://fischerkleidung.de

The use of the EuropeanMX-Spamfilter has significantly reduced the daily spam flow and relieved us considerably. Having the security that mails are checked and filtered before the delivery to the end user is important to us. The configuration of the EuropeanMX spam filter was completely straightforward and the conversion ran without any hurdles.
- Udo Fischer

Florian Adelt IT-Services

Industry: IT-Services | Company Location: 79108 Freiburg | Website: https://florian-adelt.de

Since using the EuropeanMX spam filter for our customers and us, working comfort has increased significantly. This enables us to focus on our actual task: developing web applications. The configuration of the filter is simple, but offers many options. It also blocks viruses again, which is why we are happy to recommend EuropenMX.

- Florian Adelt

Franchcom LTD & Co KG

Industry: Franchise Communication Service | Website: https://www.franchcom.at

As an IT service provider and provider of complete solutions, finding the right partner is becoming increasingly difficult. In our role, we must make the right decisions representative for our customers, and find ourselves in a shark tank of vendors.

With EuropeanMX, we have a competent partner at our side from day one, who supported us in test phase with the assistance of the domain configuration and after a successful month of testing to each of our questions patiently and professionally helped.

We have been able to successfully hand over a very time-consuming administrative area to EuropeanMX and are highly satisfied in all areas. Thanks to the whole team.

- Schirin Pohlodek, CEO

Freiwillige Feuerwehr Bönnigheim

Industry: Freiwillige Feuerwehr | Company Location: 74357 Bönnigheim | Website: http://feuerwehr-boennigheim.de

Through EuropeanMX we are able to use Services we are not able to provide ourselves.

We are using this service in order to protect our network from Spam and Viruses sent over Email. With EuropeanMX we receive a reliable and attentive service.

We are very happy with EuropeanMX

- A. Jäger - IT-Leitung & Administration

Freiwillige Feuerwehr Eisingen

Industry: Rettungs-/Hilfsorganisation | Company Location: 75239 Eisingen | Website: ffw-eisingen.de

Even as a rescue / relief organization you can not get around the digital communication via mail in this day and age. Due to increased spam and the elimination of the previous anti-spam solution, we were looking for an alternative.

The services of EuropeanMX offered a way out.

The transition has been smooth, quick, easy and transparent to the end user. Also the support of EuropeanMX is very reliable. All open questions were answered very quickly and competently.

We are very satisfied with the product.

- Michael Kubatschek

GIT-Consulting Gardel

Industry: IT | Company Location: Geroldswil (CH) | Website: https://git-consulting.ch

As an IT service provider, we are also responsible for ensuring that our customers have a mail service available that is free of virus and spam emails. Also important are standards-compliant services to enable a flawless mail traffic. EuropeanMX meets these / our requirements and provides fast and reliable support and we were able to outsource the mail topic to a specialist. The web administration application has a clear structure and asks for a very good basis for quickly reacting to errors or problems.
We can only recommend EuropeanMX and continue to rely on the good services of this partner.

- Laurent Gardel - CIO


Company Location: Germany | Website: http://www.grass-gmbh.de

We originally changed to the company EUNETIC with their service EuropeanMX for pure reasons of cost. Meanwhile, we havealso learned to appreciate the easy-to-use web interface and also the added value by the provided security services without additional charges (such as TLS encryption which is comes with it, with various other suppliers the activation of TLS costs additional fees).

By using the service the load on our mail firewall is relieved which additionally saves us time and resources. Overall I can really recommend the service."

- Andreas Schieren

Hotel Becksteiner Rebenhof

Industry: Hotel and restaurant services | Company Location: Lauda-Königshofen | Website: http://rebenhof.net

We use EuropeanMX from Eunetic for our complete e-mail traffic. From the order to the implementation Eunetic has accompanied us excellently and supported us.
The changeover was very simple and straightforward. Since then, we are on the safe side and are able to calmly retrieve our e-mails.
For us as the Hotel Becksteiner Rebenhof the communication is mostly by mail, so the quality is very important to us!

- Martin Bauer - Hoteldirektor Becksteiner Rebenhof

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