Blackboxer, by Franchcom Ltd & Co KG

Industry: IT services, direct sales | Company Location: A-1040 Wien | Website: https://www.blackboxer.at

As an international company we value the best secured communication services. With the tools of EuropeanMX we are always able to investigate incoming and outgoing emails.

- Andreas Pohlodek, CTO

BVMW - Bundesverband Mittelständische Wirtschaft

Industry: Trade association | Company Location: 10785 Berlin | Website: https://www.bvmw.de

The BVMW has had problems with its outgoing mail in the past. They were identified by many recipients as spam and landed accordingly on blacklists. Behind it were misunderstandings regarding the intentions and communication of the BVMW, which could be cleared out by telephone calls. Then the recipients would changed the status of the BVMW mail address, but that is time consuming. A renewed infrastructure including the adaptation of RFC e-mail compliance reduced this negative process, which could not be completely prevented. Since the beginning of 2019, BVMW's mail recipients have been spam victims themselves. The spam filter of the in house Firewall filtered Spam Mails not reliably enough, it was obviously outdated. Therefore, a new solution had to be found. The selection criteria focussed strongly on the inbound and outbound filtering according to the problem.

Subjectively, IT project manager Mathias Mrosewski notes a decline in incoming spam emails and suspects a detection rate of between 95% and 99%, but notes that he unfortunately can not validate the numbers. However, the reputation of the BVMW has become significantly better due to the filtering of outgoing mail. Also Mrosewski expressly praises the support of EuropeanMX. Among other things, there are detailed error messages if a sent mail does not reach its recipient because of the filter. After three months of use, the BVMW is fully satisfied with the e-mail security from EuropeanMX.

Read the full Case Study

- Mathias Mrosewski - IT project manager

ChemRes GmbH

Company Location: A-8402 Werndorf | Website: http://www.chemres.at

By using the EuropeanMX spam filter, we were able to permanently control the daily flood of spam.
We are very satisfied with the service of EUNETIC GmbH and can only recommend the company.

- Martin Kreisl - Purchasing Manager

Christburg Campus gemeinnützige GmbH

Industry: Public Institution | Website: http://www.christburg-campus.de

With EuropeanMX our company with about 300 user accounts feels safe from Internet threats - it filters without delay, with simple, intuitive handling and meaningful status messages for each account. We are very satisfied.

- Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Stock - CEO

cloud.consult e.U.

After long years of an unsuccessful search for a simple and efficient solution to filter all the SPAM, we decided to test EuropeanMX.

The configuration was done in the shortest possible time, just as quickly as the always positive feedback from EuropeanMX Support. The filtering has clearly taken a majority of the load on our mailserver, also the protection against potentially harmful E-mails is excellent.

I can recommend EuropeanMX as a very good solution at a reasonable price.

- Mag. Siegfried Wintereder (CEO)

CP International Spa

Company Location: 36010 Carre’ (VI) Italy | Website: http://cpint.it

We tried European MX after testing a number of similar providers. The Support Team was immediately very collaborative and allowed for a long testing time. The first benefit was the easy to use configuration. The second and most important advantage was the accuracy of message filtering.

With previous solutions we used to see too many regular messages from our suppliers, especially from Asia, being rejected as spam. And on the other side, a too high degree of real spam was able to reach our servers.

As soon as European MX was configured for message filtering, the spam infiltration almost disappeared immediately. We handle a high daily mail traffic, so I can say I’m really satisfied of this product and I can recommend it to anyone.

- Massimiliano Carussi - IT Manager


Industry: Real Estade Trade | Company Location: 52351 Düren | Website: http://diks24.de

As a real estate company that receives numerous emails every day, we have commissioned EurpopeanMX to set up a spam filter. We are very satisfied with the competent execution and service of Mr. Mango. By using the filter, we block harmful mails efficiently and thus achieve a significant time savings. We recommend the services further.

- Boris Goldenberg - CEO

Ebert Automation LTD

Industry: Process and building automation | Company Location: 75245 Neulingen | Website: http://ebert-automation.de

As a service provider and developer of industrial software, we rely on smooth, spam-free email traffic.

To achieve that we use the spam filter from EuropeanMX. It works great and reliably keeps our backs free. We could easily accomplish the initial setup with EUNETICs great telephone support. Class here are the short-term accessibility and the well-founded know-how of
Support staff.

- Ralph M. Ebert - Owner

EcholoN - mIT solutions GmbH

Industry: IT-Systemhaus | Company Location: Borstel-Hohenraden | Website: https://www.mitsolutions.de

The mIT solutions GmbH is a leading manufacturer of a holistic service management solution.

Following the abolition of the former E-Mail provider, EuropeanMX has been selected due to it´s responsive services.

It is expected with the use of EuropeanMX to enable faster processing and easier handling also as enhanced protection against viruses and spam. Currently 3 domains are filtered. The effect of the Mailfilter is reflected by the significant decrease of incoming spam. Likewise, the cost of inspection and filtering of spam could be reduced.

Meanwhile, the usability is perceived as very clear, because of steady improvements of the service.

- Iris Müller

ECL Technologies & Consulting GmbH

Industry: Consulting | Company Location: 83404 Ainring | Website: http://ecl-gmbh.de

The flood of spam was so terrible for us and our customers that we are happy to be able to return to our actual business with the use of the Europeanmx spam filter.

- Gerhard Kimmeringer - CEO

EK Solutions Holdings

Industry: IT Solutions Provider | Company Location: Parktown, South Africa | Website: http://www.ek-solutions.co.za

We had used several anti-spam solutions for our customers. Many of our customers still had received too much spam or malicious software. But since we use the hosted spam filter from EuropeanMX, the spam volume for our customers has drastically declined.

So far we did not have a single customer who was attacked with malicious software via email. The simple but above all varied settings of the hosted solution also convinced us.

We can recommend the use of the EuropeanMX AntiSpam Solution without exception.

- Elmar Klan – Managing Director EK Solutions Holdings

Fischerkleidung GmbH

Industry: Clothing store | Company Location: 77978 Schuttertal-Schweighausen (Schwarzwald) | Website: http://fischerkleidung.de

The use of the EuropeanMX-Spamfilter has significantly reduced the daily spam flow and relieved us considerably. Having the security that mails are checked and filtered before the delivery to the end user is important to us. The configuration of the EuropeanMX spam filter was completely straightforward and the conversion ran without any hurdles.
- Udo Fischer

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