Albani Group GmbH & Co. KG

Industry: Textile industry | Company Location: 86167 Augsburg | Website: http://albani-group.com

Due to an extremely increased volume of spam in the shortest possible time, we were forced to change from an internal solution to a service provider. EuropeanMX has offered itself as a way out. The changeover was very fast and could be easily integrated. All questions that came up were solved quickly and competently. We are very satisfied with the solution.

- Marcel Beltz - Geschäftsführer beltz.info

Ardo medical GmbH

Industry: Medical Products | Company Location: Oberpfaffenhofen | Website: https://www.ardo.de

In just one month, EuropeanMX blocked nearly 40,000 spam emails. The administrative burden that we save with this tool is enormous. The setup was very easy and the easy-to-use web interface makes analysis and reporting very easy.

We as a medium-sized company can recommend EuropeanMX absolutely.

- Markus Weilbach, IT-Expert, Ardo medical

art + bijou Dr. Fröhlich GmbH

Company Location: Germany | Website: http://www.art-bijou.de

We are experimenting with on- and off-site Spam Filter solutions more or less successfully for a couple of years now. The EuropeanMX Trial environment was already so convincing that we changed our e-mail servers immediately and permanently to relay through EuropeanMX.

The Email Filter saves us a lot of time and reduces the reception of potentially harmful messages almost completely. I can only recommend EuropeanMX.

- Dr. Thorsten Fröhlich

B2B-Supply.com GmbH & Co. KG

Industry: Internetmarketing | Company Location: 35037 Marburg | Website: http://shop.b2b-supply.com


B2B-Supply.com GmbH & Co. KG supplies customers with inspection labels and other industrial labels.

In recent years, spam volume has gradually increased to more than 100 spam e-mails per day. This makes spam filtering an absolute necessity for us. For this purpose, SpamAssassin was used in the past.

It is important for us to have a low rate of False positive detections. With SpamAssassin, we were able to record a 98% recognition rate. However, we regularly had important customer emails in the spam folder. As a result, we had to control the spam folder several times a day, which meant a significant amount of work.

We have therefore looked intensively into the market and tested several solutions. EuropeanMX has done the best job.

Through the use of EuropeanMX, we were able to determine an extremely good spam detection right from the start. Above all the False-positive detection went to zero. After several weeks of observation, we needed to check the spam folder only once a week. We have completely stopped follow-up checks by now.

Even the spam detection was further optimized over the weeks. We are very satisfied with the product.

- Mario Paul


Company Location: Germany | Website: https://www.baseplus.de

As a webdesign agency in Düsseldorf, we had to fight hard with the high volume of spam. Since the introduction of EuropeanMX we have our spam under control and our mailboxes finally returned to normal.

The administration is easy to set up as well, filtering runs perfectly. I'm thrilled across the board, hence: thoroughly recommended!

- Branimir Witt


Industry: Computer and Internet Services | Company Location: 06429 Nienburg (Saale) | Website: http://benman-it.de

For our customers, we were looking for a fast, efficient and customer-friendly solution.
EuropeanMX offers exactly these services and a friendly and fast support too.

Setting up a domain is easy and fast. Via the user-friendly control panel, all settings can be realized quickly and easily.

Our customers are very satisfied with this spam filter and do not want to miss it anymore.
A clear recommendation for all who want satisfied customers.

- B. Neumann - CEO

BEST - Consultancy, Development, Strategies & Training

Company Location: Austria | Website: http://www.best.at

We are using EuropeanMX for several years now and are very happy with it. The Anti-Spam Module works reliably and is highly customizable. The Protection is as the first "email firewall" more than adequate. Despite extensive configuration options, the default settings were already setup so useful that only small adjustments were necessary.

Almost like Plug & Play, just asone wishes. The load of our Internet connection and mail server has measurably decreased thanks to the pre-filtering.

EuropeanMX is the perfect solution in addition to our internal security systems.

- Anand Pai

ChemRes GmbH

Company Location: A-8402 Werndorf | Website: http://www.chemres.at

By using the EuropeanMX spam filter, we were able to permanently control the daily flood of spam.
We are very satisfied with the service of EUNETIC GmbH and can only recommend the company.

- Martin Kreisl - Purchasing Manager

Christburg Campus gemeinnützige GmbH

Industry: Public Institution | Website: http://www.christburg-campus.de

With EuropeanMX our company with about 300 user accounts feels safe from Internet threats - it filters without delay, with simple, intuitive handling and meaningful status messages for each account. We are very satisfied.

- Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Stock - CEO

cloud.consult e.U.

After long years of an unsuccessful search for a simple and efficient solution to filter all the SPAM, we decided to test EuropeanMX.

The configuration was done in the shortest possible time, just as quickly as the always positive feedback from EuropeanMX Support. The filtering has clearly taken a majority of the load on our mailserver, also the protection against potentially harmful E-mails is excellent.

I can recommend EuropeanMX as a very good solution at a reasonable price.

- Mag. Siegfried Wintereder (CEO)

CP International Spa

Company Location: 36010 Carre’ (VI) Italy | Website: http://cpint.it

We tried European MX after testing a number of similar providers. The Support Team was immediately very collaborative and allowed for a long testing time. The first benefit was the easy to use configuration. The second and most important advantage was the accuracy of message filtering.

With previous solutions we used to see too many regular messages from our suppliers, especially from Asia, being rejected as spam. And on the other side, a too high degree of real spam was able to reach our servers.

As soon as European MX was configured for message filtering, the spam infiltration almost disappeared immediately. We handle a high daily mail traffic, so I can say I’m really satisfied of this product and I can recommend it to anyone.

- Massimiliano Carussi - IT Manager


Industry: Real Estade Trade | Company Location: 52351 Düren | Website: http://diks24.de

As a real estate company that receives numerous emails every day, we have commissioned EurpopeanMX to set up a spam filter. We are very satisfied with the competent execution and service of Mr. Mango. By using the filter, we block harmful mails efficiently and thus achieve a significant time savings. We recommend the services further.

- Boris Goldenberg - CEO

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