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Peter Kaiser Schuhfabrik GmbH

Peter Kaiser Schuhfabrik GmbH
Company Location
Pirmasens, Deutschland
Company Size
Fasion & Clothing

Peter Kaiser manufactures shoes since 1838. We started small, but now our Company includes 250 employees and our shoes are worldwide known.

Peter Kaiser

Due to the size of our company, there is a huge E-Mail Traffic, so an active e-mail filtering is needed. With our previous provider, the Web application possibilities were very limited, special settings needed to be requested through his support. This all made working quick and flexible impossible for our company and so we opted for a change.


Our selection criteria was on one hand the transparent options in the settings of the spam filter by a simple handling directly through the Web application, as well as a daily user report of spam mails. These criteria are met by EuropeanMX.


For this reason, we decided to work with the email filtering by EuropeanMX and are hoping to reach a level of easy handling of spam. We use EuropeanMX as a mail gateway for incoming and outgoing e-mails of around 100 users and are very satisfied with the results.


The usability of the Web application was outstanding. Exactly what we were looking for.


For us it is very important to have a secure email traffic to our customers and business partners and EuropeanMX allows us to do so, quick and safe.

- Sascha ReiƟ (IT Administrator)
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