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The company Optikom Media GmbH stands for optimal communication and operates the Freemail service since 2012; an email platform willed to face all current and future challenges.

A safe transportation of e-mails has top priority for the customer. Thus, every effort is made on the mail server and Web portal side to ensure a safe e-mail traffic for the customer. In addition to SSL encryption on our website, the communication between client PC and the servers is also encrypted. Protocols such as IMAP or SMTP, which are used for such transfers of information, also use secure SSL method to prevent eavesdropping personal and sensitive e-mail content.

The high incentive to get one of the shortest e-mail addresses also attracts visitors not only with the wish to profit off the advantages of the system, but also those who want to abuse the service. Since the intentions of a customer are not transparent by the time of the registration and since we always first appeal to the positive in people, the evil intent is crystallized out only after some time. Especially users who send spam are very harmful to the portal. The malicious Targets are not customers of but recipients of other e-mail providers or company email addresses. Since the unwanted emails are blocked by the recipients or marked as spam, mailservers are blacklisted. This leads to the problem that more emails from are rejected and thus no longer reach the desired recipients.

Since deals primarily with the implementation of the e-mail platform, we have been looking for a solution that is reliable, technically complies with current safety regulations and can be integrated into the existing system without much effort. After thorough research and intensive testing, the decision has been made to work with EuropeanMX / EUNETIC GmbH. After the integration into the productive system spam problems belong to the past. Once an email is routed through the EuropeanMX platform, it ensures the reliable delivery. Thereby the blacklisting is reduced and our customers satisfaction has risen further.

- Lars Golder
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