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The Eron UG consists of an experienced team that takes care of the wishes and requirements of their customers in the Internet sector (among others, webdesign, websites, search engine optimization, online marketing, online shops and hosting)  since 2001.
Why did you decide to use email filtering by EuropeanMX?

In order to remedy our situation. Our customers complained about a increasingly large number of spams, which were not detected by regular tools such as SpamAssassin. In addition, the load on our servers increased by managing filtered messaged.

We had already tried some software and techniques for filtering spam messages, with in-house solutions and external service providers, but none of them had filtered SPAM messages reliably. Free Spam Filters like "Spamassasin" are ot sufficient by far, other vendors were too inflexible.

The objective was to achive a high level of filtered spam messages without the non-spam messages being sorted out and delivered without delay.

Our main focus was efficient spam filtering at a reasonable price. During our research we found out that many EuropeanMX competitors are less flexible (costly setup fees, high monthly fees for domains with few mails).

We use EuropeanMX for our customers and for our own mails. All installation, management and configuration of the spam filter is done directly through EuropeanMX. Currently about 150 e-mail accounts are filtered, in the future the number will increase significantly. EuropeanMX is offered to our customers as an optional product and has been very well accepted by our clients. The usability of the Web applications is adapted to the functionality and performance and well understood by our customers.

After moving to EuropeanMX, the number of delivered spam messages dropped virtually to zero for us and our clients, without highlighting false-positives as spam. In addition, we are saving a lot of work effort by the sharp drop in number of spam mails and thus the productivity is increased. In addition, the alover load on our server has dropped sharply. Additionally a good service at a fair price complete this service.

All in all is EuropeanMX, in the fight against spam, very recommended!


- Bastian Seeleib and Michael Attenberger
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