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Logo SRL has been using the Email Security service EuropeanMX for some time. The Italian company is an Internet Service Provider headquartered in Prato and was founded in 1995. The Internet access of the company uses private and corporate customers. One focus is on strategic clients from the fashion sector who operate internationally and require appropriate security and advanced technologies.

How is SRL set up? SRL offers Internet connections as well as telematics and multimedia services, internetworking and network solutions (intranet, extranet, VPN), the creation, publication and administration of websites as well as online services for companies. In doing so, the company covers comprehensive e-commerce and online marketing solutions. In addition to fashion companies, hotels are major customers. works with hotel groups across Italy and has developed a program for their Internet access with cyber-hotel that meets the requirements of the 2005 Pisanu Decree. Overall, has positioned itself as a reliable and efficient partner to companies across the country who need technological innovation to compete. Among other things, these customers demand reliable spam and virus protection for their e-mail programs, which can be implemented with the Email Security Service from EuropeanMX. Responsible for the introduction of EuropeanMX at was Alberto Berti.

Goals and their realization by EuropeanMX at chose EuropeanMX because the previous AntiSpam software no longer met the needs of the company.

  • Selection criteria: was looking for a new system with the highest filtering accuracy and a management panel.
  • Improvements with EuropeanMX: In addition to the efficient filtering of spam also needs a good configuration system that meets the needs of their own customers.
  • Previous experience: Of course, the company has worked with other filters against spam and viruses in the past. It relied exclusively on open source systems. Unfortunately, these were not sufficiently powerful, they did not filter out all spam emails long ago.
  • Use of EuropeanMX: is gradually deploying the Email Security System from EuropeanMX for up to 500 customer domains. The launch started with around 50 customers, but gradually EuropeanMX is to be activated for all customers.
  • Assessment of Usability: The responsible technicians of describe the web panel of EuropeanMX as very intuitive, all functions are very easy to set.
  • Efficiency of mail filters: The requirements for virus and spam filtering were fully met by EuropeanMX.
  • Benefits of EuropeanMX for The program fully and comprehensively meets the needs of customers and the Internet provider.

The Email Security Service from EuropeanMX as part of the security concept develops and implements corporate information networks, for which the company also offers security consulting and support for various customer-specific security solutions. In addition to stable and powerful network infrastructures, it is also about spam and virus protection. The Email Security Service from EuropeanMX fits perfectly. services include analyzing the corporate network and developing preventative measures to avoid critical contexts, and fixing all ad hoc issues (firewall installation, VPN creation, antivirus). For the second phase the monitoring activity in the networks is crucial. For this purpose, the company uses its, which is now perfectly complemented by the Email Security Service from EuropeanMX.



- Alberto Berti - S.r.l.
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