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chiliSCHARF Kommunikationsagentur e.U.

chiliSCHARF Kommunikationsagentur e.U.
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chiliSCHARF uses EuropeanMX

The Austrian online agency chiliSCHARF uses the e-mail filtering of EuropeanMX. It provides the technical infrastructure for its customers and relies on reliable filtering of incoming mails. In the spring of 2018, ten employees work at chiliSCHARF. The project implementation of the introduction of EuropeanMX was the responsibility of the owner and head of the agency Günter Weixlbaumer.

Who is chiliSCHARF?

At chiliSCHARF, a team of experts works on a daily basis to deliver exceptional results for customers. These are looked after competently throughout all phases of their projects - from conception to technical operation. Owner Günter Weixlbaumer brings decades of experience in looking after top companies. His projects included the development of the online infrastructure of tourism regions and various institutions such as Habau, Swietelsky, Saalbach Hinterglemm, the Economic Chamber and the Europa Sports Region. In 2009 he founded the communication agency chiliSCHARF. Their services include online and email marketing and web analytics. The agency creates websites and online shops using various content management systems.

Why does chiliSCHARF rely on EuropeanMX?

At chiliSCHARF, EuropeanMX was primarily used to efficiently filter out spam in the future. Companies such as the chiliSCHARF agency are overburdened by advertising emails, which keep the business running considerably. His customers also want to protect chiliSCHARF from spam. For this purpose, the company previously used the GFI MailEssentials Exchange Server 2010. Finally, chiliSCHARF switched to Exchange 2016 for technical reasons and re-evaluated the spam filter in this context. The agency came across EuropeanMX. The selection criteria included:

  • simple setup
  • acceptable costs
  • good filter quality

In addition, chiliSCHARF hoped for significant improvements from EuropeanMX. The status quo should be kept without reinstalling software on the server, the cost should not increase significantly without sacrificing quality. GFI MailEssentials offered a comparable solution with a good spam filter, but there was one major drawback: Not all updates ran smoothly on the server.

Use of EuropeanMX at chiliSCHARF

The chiliSCHARF agency uses EuropeanMX as a cloud-based spam filter. The usability of the web applications rate the agency's technicians as good, the installation was extremely easy. The efficiency of the mail filter is very good, with chiliSCHARF only sporadic spam emails have appeared since the installation. The service of EuropeanMX offers high protection with low organizational costs. In principle, EuropeanMX is able to filter 99.98% of all spams and also virus mails. This applies in both directions: the filter also works "outbound", which means that agencies like chiliSCHARF protect their customers. This strengthens the reputation. Nobody wants to receive spam or even a virus from their service provider. A special service of EuropeanMX is the provision of encrypted cloud storage. In these all e-mails can be stored according to legal requirements.

- G√ľnter Weixlbaumer, Owner
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