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Bundesverband Mittelständische Wirtschaft

Bundesverband Mittelständische Wirtschaft
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User report about the Email Security Service EuropeanMX: Deployment at the BVMW
EuropeanMX provides more e-mail security for your company. The software filters outgoing and incoming mails. It also protects customers and employees of the company from ransomware, spam and phishing. The professional anti-spam filter detects 99.98% of all emails infected with viruses or spam and is easy to set up as an SaaS solution. Customers regularly report to EuropeanMX how the redundant cloud solution is proving to be a reliable spam filter. Here is the user report from BVMW (Bundesverband Mittelständische Wirtschaft).

Who is the BVMW?
The Bundesverband Mittelständische Wirtschaft (SME) represents more than 900,000 member companies as a SME alliance. The almost 400 employees of the association - 90 of them in the Federal Headquarters, another nearly 300 representatives throughout Germany - process about 800,000 direct business contacts each year. A preferred means of communication is email. The protection of spam and viruses is therefore important, so that the BVMW can perform its task as the voice of the middle class. It provides entrepreneurial impetus to decision-makers in politics and business, and its representatives sit in all the major commissions preparing decisions at the federal level.
This includes:
• Energy and sustainable economy
• Education
• Law
• Internet and digital
• Health
• Armed forces
• work and social affairs
• Taxes and finances
• Startups
• logistics and mobility
• Nutrition
Implementation of the EuropeanMX e-mail security at BVMW: Goals
The person in charge at the BVMW is IT project manager Mathias Mrosewski, who described the objectives of the implementation as follows:

The BVMW has had problems with its outgoing mail in the past. They were identified by many recipients as spam and landed accordingly on blacklists. Behind it were misunderstandings regarding the intentions and communication of the BVMW, which could be cleared out by telephone calls. Then the recipients would changed the status of the BVMW mail address, but that is time consuming. A renewed infrastructure including the adaptation of RFC e-mail compliance reduced this negative process, which could not be completely prevented. Since the beginning of 2019, BVMW's mail recipients have been spam victims themselves. The spam filter of the in house Firewall filtered Spam Mails not reliably enough, it was obviously outdated. Therefore, a new solution had to be found. The selection criteria focussed strongly on the inbound and outbound filtering according to the problem.

Other requirements for a new e-mail security were:
• The solution should be intuitive.
• A flat rate without data restriction was required.
• There should be no limit on the number of domains.
• The solution had to be EU-DSGVO-compliant.

 Hopes for improvements through the e-mail security of EuropeanMX
The BVMW wanted meaningful reports on all incoming and outgoing messages, a significant reduction in spam, less load on their own Exchange servers and meaningful non-delivery reports. In the past, the IT department of the BVMW had already operated with comparable solutions, namely in 2018 with the Mailjet program. This filtered only outgoing mail traffic and was not powerful enough. The solution was therefore abandoned.

Use of EuropeanMX at the BVMW
EuropeanMX was placed in front of the BVMW firewall. It handles the inbound and outbound filtering of the Exchange server farm. Afterwards the BVMW configured the own firewall so that
• no more external data traffic is possible via port 25
• Port 25 is only accepted by and
• Port 587 receives an activation to

The BVMW is currently filtering almost 400 users via EuropeanMX, which together use around 800 mailboxes.
Efficiency of mail filters and benefits of EuropeanMX
Subjectively, IT project manager Mathias Mrosewski notes a decline in incoming spam emails and suspects a detection rate of between 95% and 99%, but notes that he unfortunately can not validate the numbers. However, the reputation of the BVMW has become significantly better due to the filtering of outgoing mail. Also Mrosewski expressly praises the support of EuropeanMX. Among other things, there are detailed error messages if a sent mail does not reach its recipient because of the filter. After three months of use, the BVMW is fully satisfied with the e-mail security from EuropeanMX.

- Mathias Mrosewski - IT project manager
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