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Nicolas Fahr - BitbaseWe, the bitbase GmbH & Co. KG, installed the E-mail Security Service EuropeanMX by EUNETIC GmbH from 76448 Durmersheim as part of our IT services for our customer med con team. Med con team conducts medical consulting and, among other things, handles its E-mail traffic via our servers. Using the E-mail Security Service EuropeanMX is the result of the need for a high-security service for E-mails with an included and effective spam filter in order to be able to carry out workflows in the sensitive medical area without a hitch. Responsible for the project were our Chief Information Officer Nicolas Fahr and our Sales Consultant Daniele Titone.  

The target position when using E-mail filtering from EuropeanMX

The initial problem for our company was to find a solid, reliable partner for cloud services (Hosted Exchange) in the RZ. We were able to successfully and very satisfactorily test the e-mail filtering of EuropeanMX. After this phase, we decided to use it. We based this decision on a set of different selection criteria. Specifically, this was as follows:


  • Quick set up
  • Safe and accurate SPAM filtering
  • Clear, user-friendly administration interface
  • Uncomplicated implementation
  • Good price-prformance ratio

Of course, there are various e-mail programs with virus and spam filtering, but we hoped for certain improvements through the use of EuropeanMX. Specifically, the performance of spam filtering should be improved. In the future, we will also be able to adapt our hosting and e-mail program to individual customer requirements.

Known solutions to this problem

were generally overpriced, the price-prformance ratio could clearly not be satisfactory. Furthermore, the installations and configurations were often very complicated. This resulted in a correspondingly high expenditure of time for the schooling of our administrators and the administration of the programs during ongoing operation. The latter is absolutely undesirable in today's very fast business.

The use of EuropeanMX

Med Con teamWe use EuropeanMX in our data center, where our customers, like the med con team, handle their mail traffic through our cloud service (Hosted Exchange). We are running around 30 users through EuropeanMX, and we assess the usability of the web applications as "very good".

The applications are clear, individually configurable and easy to understand. The efficiency of the mail filters is important, it is more than 95%. EuropeanMX is the right solution for the requirements that our customers place on our data center. Of course, virus protection also works very effectively. We were also very satisfied with the implementation. There were no complications during the setup.

The support of EUNETIC GmbH as a provider of EuropeanMX was always available to us for open questions. We are therefore planning to expand the EuropeanMX application for additional customers. We were also very satisfied with the training of the administrators. The transfer of the test mandate med con team into the productive environment was straightforward and without problems. With med con team, medical cases have to be processed as quickly as possible after the e-mail request. Every reaction has to be done very promptly. Not only the reliable hosting, but also the exact spam filtering, play an essential role for the smooth process flows. Spam mails slow down and significantly interfere with the workflow. The fast, professional response of the employees of med con team is an important part of the medical assistance offered. This is important especially because local help is not always possible.

The customer med con team provides a very positive feedback. It´s requirements for effective spam filtering have been fully met.

Conclusion on the use of EuropeanMX as an e-mail security service

We, the bitbase GmbH & Co. KG, will be backing on EuropeanMX in the future The service protects companies efficiently through spam and virus protection. Encrypted cloud storage can also be used by customers on demand.


- Nicolas Fahr - Chief Information Officer
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