Outbound Filtering

How EuropeanMX protects your reputation and securely delivers your e-mails.


Please note: The function for the outgoing filter is deactivated by default. If you wish to filter also outgoing messages, please contact our support staff to have the function activated for your account.




Protect your company's reputation

It is always possible that careless employees or intentional attacks infect a computer in your company's network and misuse it to send spam or malicious software. Through our outgoing filter, these emails never leave your company, because there would be hardly anything worse than customers who receive unwanted emails or even viruses from your address.

Prevent blacklisting

Blacklisting means that a shipping server is listed as untrustworthy and may then no longer accept emails from that server. Since only legitimate e-mails leave your company via the EuropeanMX SMTP Relay Server and these are also delivered in a technically optimized manner, you effectively protect against such entries on IP Address Blacklists.

Uncover vulnerabilities

Our outbound filter detects which users are sending illegitimate e-mails, blocks them automatically and sends a detailed report to the responsible administrator. In this way, you can detect infected computers or internal attacks without having to search for them.

Avoid legal consequences

In many countries, severe penalties can be imposed when mass mailing of unwanted or harmful e-mails can be traced back to a responsible sender. With EuropeanMX Outbound E-Mail Security you avoid such incidents right from the get-go.



Setup & Operation


Chose from 2 Options

The outgoing filter is included in our EuropeanMX packages but must be activated manually. You can choose:

Dedicated SMTP Server

Send directly via our highly available servers by creating outgoing users and setting up these credentials in your e-mail clients.

Smart Host Setup

Continue to send via your own mail server, but configure it so that all outgoing emails are passed through our filter cloud first.

The perfect protection of your brand

All outgoing e-mails go through the EuropeanMX check routines. Internal or external attacks could, for example, infect computers in your company or your field staff with Trojans or background viruses. If the user attempts to redistribute this via the existing e-mail account to all contacts in the address book, EuropeanMX immediately stops this.

In addition to testing for countless known spam signatures, market-leading virus scanners and extensive heuristic analyzes are also used. All of this happens very quickly in just a few seconds. Your emails will be delivered as usual.

Reporting and Administration

Our filter cloud is constantly monitored, updated and further developed. Unlike a local installation, you don't have to worry about anything and still benefit from cutting-edge filters that detect and reliably sort out even brand-new spam and malware on the very first day.

Through our detailed reports your administrator and users will be informed about filtered e-mails at any time. This makes it possible to quickly identify weak points in the company and, even in the rare event that a legitimate email is quarantined, this is not left unnoticed.

What our customers say about the outgoing email filter:

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Convinced yet?



Chose the domain count and required archive size for your EuropeanMX package.

Email Users:
100 / Domain
100 MB / Month *
Contract Period:
12 Months *

4,95 € / Month
58,80 € / Contract Period
plus VAT

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact our sales team.
* The Fair-Use-Traffic included in the package price refers to the monthly data volume of your e-mail traffic. In case of constant exceeding of the included traffic, you will be informed by us to negotiate appropriate conditions. The service remains active even if the volume contained in the package is exceeded in order to guarantee an uninterrupted use.
The contract period is automatically extended by a further period if no notice of termination has been received within 30 days prior to expiry. The contract term is also the billing period.

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