Multi-level high-performance filter


After more than 15 years of continuous development, EuropeanMX has numerous filter modules that make it completely transparent to you as a user that desired emails with a market-leading false positive rate of only 0.0001% reliably end up in your inboxes, while spam and malware are sorted out or quarantined with a precision of up to 99.98%.

With reporting tools, verbose logs, custom whitelists and blacklists, and configurable quarantine settings, you'll always have full control over all your email traffic.


Detection of threats

EuropeanMX subjects all messages to a thorough and multi-level threat detection routine.

  • Robust Threat Detection: The EuropeanMX Threat Engine relies on statistical algorithms to process and analyze the results of SMTP behavior and reputation checks, content checks, quarantine user input, and many other types of filter input. This provides updates that allow us to provide you with an up-to-date protection mechanism.
  • Attachment Blocking: The most damaging files are transferred as attachments. To guard against it, you can set blocking rules based purely on the file extension.
  • Advanced Analysis: This routine check evaluates the authenticity of a message, analyzing the header, message encoding and formatting, and other properties of the e-mail that users often can not recognize. It will search for clues to who sent the e-mail in what way.
  • Real-time news source analysis: EuropeanMX continually checks the patterns and volume of email flow from the source mail servers to see if anyone is actively spamming the organization.
  • Abuse Management: EuropeanMX includes full support for the Abuse Report Format (ARF standard IETF RFC 6650).
  • Blacklisting / Whitelisting: Add e-mail addresses to your own blacklists or whitelists to block or allow messages from specific senders.
  • Quarantine: Add e-mail addresses to your own Black- and Whitelists in order to decline or accept messages from certain senders.
  • Secure, cloud-based e-mail function: all e-mails are scanned remotely in the cloud. It blocks spam and bad attachments before you reach a company's internal network.

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