Compatible with Microsoft Exchange and Office365


With more and more companies moving IT to the cloud, Microsoft Office 365 will quickly become the standard solution for many businesses. However, with Office 365 in such a dominant position, people with malicious intentions often try to abuse this solution.

In terms of email integrity, availability, and security, you can no longer afford to trust only a single vendor.

EuropeanMX provides a sophisticated level of protection to strengthen native security in Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange. In addition, our web-based portal provides e-mail continuity in the event of a failure or attack.


Enhanced Office 365 protection


  • Deep Defense: Sophisticated Threat Engine optimizes standard security in Office 365. It is continuously updated with data from more than 10 million mailboxes worldwide.

  • Improved spam protection: Increase your spam protection with our spam filters with automated input from the identified train or release events of all users.

  • Scalability and security: All emails are processed and stored in our secure data centers located in four countries. This helps you to comply with regional regulations at the message storage sites.

  • Extensive storage: By using EuropeanMX parallel to Office 365, you can ensure that emails can be stored in Office 365 regardless of storage limitations.

  • Easy integration: Setup is a breeze. Office 365 users can start using EuropeanSSL by simply redirecting their MX records to our systems.


Support for Microsoft Exchange


  • Optimized continuity: EuropeanMX provides a cloud-based interface for users of Microsoft Exchange. This allows them to send and receive emails even when physical servers crash.
  • Capacity Management: E-mail can take up a lot of storage space, not only because of the volume of e-mail, but also because of the size of the attachments. Adding a cloud-based solution such as EuropeanMX helps ensure that the storage capacity of Exchange Live platforms is not exhausted.
  • Better server performance: EuropeanMX handles spam and malware filtering, freeing up resources on your Exchange email server.
  • Improved bandwidth and longer server life: e-mail processing from an external vendor reduces the volume of data, improving bandwidth and speed for the rest of your organization. In addition, the consistently low processing load can increase the lifespan of your e-mail servers.
  • Managing data: Transferring legacy data from your live email environment to EuropeanMX reduces the overall size of the Exchange data store, which in turn improves the performance of your Exchange platform.
  • Journaling: Supports SMTP Journaling for all internal e-mails.

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