Inbound Filtering

How EuropeanMX keeps spam and malware out of your email inbox.




Protection against spam, viruses, phishing, ransomware and malware

Our self-learning filtering algorithm eliminates unwanted mails before they reach your mail server.

Always up to date

Through permanent, secure and anonymous data analysis, new attack patterns and spam attempts can be detected in the shortest possible time.

Improved failure protection

Thanks to our multi-redundant infrastructure, you can achieve significantly increased operational availability. Even if your own mail server is temporarily unavailable, all incoming e-mails will be received by us and immediately forwarded as soon as your mail server is back online.

Save on hardware and operating costs

Thanks to the preliminary filtering by our highly efficient systems, your mail server only has to process the desired e-mails. This saves up to 80% of bandwidth and computing power.

Increase the productivity of your employees

No daily sorting out of spam, no failures caused by computers infected by viruses or malware, instead full concentration on the actual relevant content.


Setup & Operation


Simple 3-Step Installation

EuropeanMX follows the SaaS principle (Software as a Service) and is ready for use as a cloud solution in just a few steps. Activation is seamless, with no failures and no lost emails.

Technically, EuropeanMX acts as an additional filter layer between your domain and your mail server. The setup consists of 3 easy steps:

  1. You enter your domain and your mail server as your destination.
  2. You redirect the MX records of your domain to our cloudservers instead of redirecting them directly to your mailserver as before.
  3. You set up access data for our extended configuration panel

Within a few minutes you will receive a completely pre-configured and ready to use* incoming filter for all e-mail accounts of the registered domain.  If you need help, we are of course also available by telephone.

* It can take up to 24 hours until the modification of the DNS entries is fully propagated and all e-mails are handled by our cloud servers. During this transition period, unfiltered e-mails may still arrive on your mail server in some cases.

Multi-stage high-performance filter

After more than 10 years of continuous development, EuropeanMX has numerous filter modules that ensure that you, as a user, can make sure that the desired e-mails arrive reliably in your inboxes with a market-leading false positives rate of only 0.0001%, while spam and malware are sorted out or quarantined with a precision of up to 99.98%.

Reporting tools, detailed logs, customizable whitelists and blacklists, and configurable quarantine settings keep you in control of all your incoming email traffic.

Highly available and easy to maintain

Thanks to 4 redundant inbound servers and a large number of decentralized filter servers, EuropeanMX guarantees a high level of availability and receives your emails even if your own mail server should fail.

Our filter cloud is monitored, maintained and updated 24/7. Thanks to millions of emails processed daily, even brand-new spam content and malware attacks are detected and sorted out in the shortest possible time.

The extended administration is done via an easy to understand but nevertheless extensive web interface. In this way, every process remains clear and transparent.

What our customers have to say about the incoming email filter:

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Convinced yet?



Chose the domain count and required archive size for your EuropeanMX package.

Email Users:
100 / Domain
100 MB / Month *
Contract Period:
12 Months *

4,95 € / Month
58,80 € / Contract Period
plus VAT

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact our sales team.
* The Fair-Use-Traffic included in the package price refers to the monthly data volume of your e-mail traffic. In case of constant exceeding of the included traffic, you will be informed by us to negotiate appropriate conditions. The service remains active even if the volume contained in the package is exceeded in order to guarantee an uninterrupted use.
The contract period is automatically extended by a further period if no notice of termination has been received within 30 days prior to expiry. The contract term is also the billing period.

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