Email Archiving

How EuropeanMX protects you against data loss and archives your emails in compliance with legal requirements.




Automatic backup of the entire e-mail communication

Since e-mail is nowadays one of the most important communication channels of any company, a loss of these e-mails can cause considerable damage.

Save expensive local hardware at your company

By using our highly secure, multiple redundant archive servers, you can save on the operation and maintenance of expensive local backup servers.

Effortlessly achieve international legal compliance

In many countries, there are already similarly strict regulations for e-mails as there are for traditional written communication. Loss of e-mails may therefore lead to severe penalties or lost legal proceedings in the event of legal disputes.

Maintain full control

One of your employees needs to recreate all his or her e-mails or a specific e-mail? No problem with EuropeanMX.


Setup & Operation


Simple setup, full cost transparency

Legally compliant e-mail archiving is an optionally bookable service for each EuropeanMX package and is billed according to the storage space volume. You determine the upper limit; There are no unplanned costs. If the upper limit is reached, the oldest e-mails are automatically deleted if desired.

Simply use our free and non-binding test offer to determine how much archive storage space you need to ensure the desired period of time for archiving. You can of course make adjustments at any time.

Legal and Privacy Conformity

Depending on the sector and location of your company, various legal regulations apply with regard to the archiving of digital communication channels. The EuropeanMX archive out-of-the-box complies with the most common international regulations, e. g. GDPdU (GoDB Ready), Sarbanes Oxley and SEC rules.

All data in the archive is stored in encrypted, compressed and unalterable form and is thus protected against manipulation and unauthorized access. If legal disputes arise, you can submit your communication protocols without great effort and on time.

What our customers say about the email archive:

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Convinced yet?



Chose the domain count and required archive size for your EuropeanMX package.

Email Users:
100 / Domain
100 MB / Month *
Contract Period:
12 Months *

4,95 € / Month
58,80 € / Contract Period
plus VAT

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact our sales team.
* The Fair-Use-Traffic included in the package price refers to the monthly data volume of your e-mail traffic. In case of constant exceeding of the included traffic, you will be informed by us to negotiate appropriate conditions. The service remains active even if the volume contained in the package is exceeded in order to guarantee an uninterrupted use.
The contract period is automatically extended by a further period if no notice of termination has been received within 30 days prior to expiry. The contract term is also the billing period.

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