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What is the easiest way to check blocked messages?

With the "periodic userreport" option you can activate a function to create and send a periodic protection report for the users. You can either upload a list for different users via the csv interface or you can set up the users manually.

  • HTML-Report:

The HTML report contains a summary of all spam messages blocked by the filter service for a single user. You can use this report to release a message directly without first having to log on to the interface or to release the messages via IMAP.

  • PDF-Report:

The PDF report shows a summary of all spam messages and malicious attachments sent to a domain (or address) that have been blocked by the filter service. The report also contains information on the total volume of messages processed for the user in question. Further it contains a detailed table (for example, for checking purposes) of messages that were blocked but not transferred to quarantine. Another similar table shows messages that have been quarantined. These can be released directly via the included links.


Auto-enable reports:
The option "Automatic activation for all recipients" means that if spam is sent to a user who is not yet known to our system, the user will be automatically added to the list "periodic user reports". If this happens, the user will first receive a welcome message announcing the activation of his personal quarantine. After 24 hours, the user will receive the first daily (or weekly) report listing all blocked messages of the last 24 hours.

The welcome message and reports contain a link that allows the user to log in to his or her personal account if necessary. They can then assign their own password and log in directly to the spampanel of their account (or via IMAP) and manage the log search or quarantine. Once this has been done, the user will be added to the "Manage email users" section.

Please note: If your domain has activated the "catch-all"function, this "automatic report"function cannot be activated directly via the interface, as this would lead to a large number of entries from non-existent users. 

If you are unable to disable the "Catch-All"status of your mail server for any reason, you can still use the "Enable automatically"function. For this to work, however, you must activate the "local recipients"function in the spampanel and enter the individual users as local recipients. (Dashboard > Incoming > Local recipients). This means that any message sent to a recipient, who is not configured as a local recipient, is immediately rejected by the system. If you're using the "local recipients"function please be aware of updating your list constantly.


Periodic Domain Reports:
This function allows you to specify an email address to which an HTML or PDF report will be sent daily or weekly to show all messages from the entire domain.

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