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How to get an overview of the blocked messages?

To get an overview of blocked messages or to release messages, you can use the protocol search of EuropeanMX.


For outgoing messages please go to "Outgoing" and for incoming messages please go to "Incoming" under the menu item "Logs".


Now add an additional rule and select the item "Status" on the left.


On the right side you will see a selection of the available stages after a click in the empty field. For blocked messages please use the status "Quaratined".


If you now click on "Show results", you will see all messages that have been moved into quarantine within the preset period of one week. In case you are looking for a specific message, you have the option of adding further search rules, such as the recipient, sender or subject of the message.


In order to find out the reason for the rejection, you can choose additional columns. In the drop-down menu "Columns to be displayed" (to the left of "Show results"), you can select additional columns to display additional information. In the columns "Sub class", "Extra class" and "Error class", the reason for the rejection is displayed by the filter.

Please note that in order to protect our system and our customers, you only have the option of releasing incoming messages from quarantine. If an outgoing message was blocked and you want to release it, please contact our support (

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