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How can I create my own Email Scout reports and have them sent to me?

You can create your own e-mail scout reports of incoming and outgoing log searches and have them sent to certain or all mail addresses of your domain. You can configure the Email Scout reports to be sent by EuropeanMX once or periodically at a certain date or time to one or more recipients. 

Please note: If EuropeanMX detects that your mail server is using catch-all, then no protection reports can be generated for your domain. For more information, please read the FAQ article "Can I use Catch-All in combination with EuropeanMX on my server?".

Furthermore, no automatic email scout reports are sent to shared mailboxes or distribution lists.

This is how you configure an Email Scout report


Log in to the Admin Panel as administrator. Instructions for logging into the admin panel can be found in our FAQ article "How can I log in to the Admin-Panel (web interface of the filter)?". Click either under "Incoming" or under "Outgoing" on the menu item "Logs".


Use the Query rules and the drop-down menu "Customise" (at "Visible columns") to display the desired results.


Select "Show results" to start the search. 


Above the Query rules, the option "Email this search" is now displayed, which in turn opens a popup with the setting options.


In the "Subject" field, enter the subject that the message should later use when delivering the report.


Specify in the drop-down menu "Delivery " whether the message should be sent once immediately or at a specific time, or whether a regular report should be created and sent.

  • Right away: EuropeanMX will send the report immediately to a specified email address.
  • at given time: Opens a dialog box where you can specify the date and time when you want the report to be delivered.
  • Weekdays at 9.00
  • Every Day at 09.00, 12.00 and 16.00
  • Repeat: Opens a dialog box in which you can specify the recurring frequency and the desired time of transmission.
  • Advanced: Opens a dialog box in which you can create a report in the style of a cron job.


Specify a valid email address in the "Sender" field to be used later for sending the report.


Specify a valid email address in the "Recipient" field to be used later for receiving the report.


In the "Template name" field, specify the format in which EuropeanMX should send the report to the recipient.


Click "Schedule" to complete the report setup. The report will then be sent to the specified recipient at the specified time.


Once an Email Scout report is created, you can view and manage it under "Reporting" > "Email Scout Reports - incoming" or "Email Scout Reports - outgoing".

Content of the report

The e-mail with the Scout report contains a list of e-mails that match the settings of your report.








The subject line may contain a link that takes you to our website, which displays the content of the message.

In addition, the following action is available for this message:

  • Blacklist the sender
  • Add sender to the whitelist
  • Release message
  • Remove message
  • Release and train message
  • Disable the report (unsubscribe)

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