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How can I be informed about blocked incoming messages?

EuropeanMX offers various protection reports that you can use to be informed about blocked messages and to release and train them with one click, for example. By training the message you help us to adjust the algorithm of the filter to better recognize similar messages automatically in the future.

Under "Reporting" in the admin panel you can set up 3 different types of protection reports:

Please note: If EuropeanMX detects that your mail server is using Catch-All, no protection reports can be generated for your domain. For more information, please read the FAQ article "Can I use Catch-All in combination with EuropeanMX on my server?".

Protection Report - Mailbox

Here you can configure a report that informs individual users of your domain about blocked messages from their mailbox. You can either add the users to the list manually via "Add a recipient" or via .csv-file or use the automatic activation feature of the filter. This feature automatically activates the report for all valid recipient of your domain. If you want the users to be added automatically, please click on "Enable".

Once a recipient has been added, you can edit the frequency (daily or weekly) and other properties of the report. The user will first receive a welcome message announcing the activation of his personal quarantine. After 24 hours, the user receives the first daily report listing all blocked messages from the last 24 hours.

The welcome message and the reports contain a link that allows the user to log in to his personal account. He can then set his own password and log directly into the spam panel for his email address and use the log search or manage his quarantine. The user will then be added to the "Manage email users" list.

Please note: If your domain has the catch-all feature enabled, the automatic report feature cannot be enabled as this would result in a large number of entries from non-existent users.

Protection report - Send now

Here you can request a one-time, domain-wide instant report, starting from a certain date. Enter the desired destination address.

Protection Report - Domain

Under this menu you can configure a domain-wide report that informs you regularly about blocked messages. You can specify any recipient address and the frequency of the report.

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