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What is an ARF report? How can I set it up? Why do I receive such messages?

What is an ARF report?

This is a report to inform you about the blocking of an outgoing message (e. g. due to spam).


How can I set up ARF-Report?

Under Outbound/Settings, you can enter any e-mail address as an administrator contact, which is used for receivin ARF reports.


Why should I use the reports?

In order to detect and fix a spam problem in your network as quickly as possible, ARF reports can be extremely helpful. If an outgoing message has been blocked by the filter, the system creates an ARF report and sends it to you at the specified address. This allows you to react immediately to the problem and prevent further damage to your network. Each report has a copy of the blocked message attached to it. It also contains information about which user sent the message at which time.


What else should I know?

To prevent ARF reports from being blocked, it is essential that you enter the specified address in the "Whitelist recipient". Since the report's attachment contains the blocked message, it may be blocked by the incoming spam filter. Alternatively, you can of course also use a different e-mail address, which is not checked by any filter.

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