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How do I set up an outgoing user?

Important: In order to prevent misuse we have decided to deactivate the outgoing filter by default. Please inform our support ( if you want to send your messages via our servers. We will gladly activate the outgoing filter for you.

Types of authentication for EuropeanMX

For using the outgoing filter it is necessary to create an outgoing user in EuropeanMX. There are 3 possibilities to authenticate yourself in our network:

  • IP-Authentication:

This is the fastest and best method if you plan to have EuropeanMX check all outgoing messages from your mailserver or network. There is no SMTP authentication. All connections coming from this IP address or IP address range will be accepted by EuropeanMX. An IP address can only be assigned once to a domain. The messages sent can then be viewed either in the log search at the domain where the IP address or IP address range was created or at the sending domain. For helpful information on how to view the messages under the respective sending domain, please refer to our FAQ article "How can I activate outgoing user authentication if multiple domains send from the same IP?".

  • User authentication:

    This is the best method if you only want to have certain e-mail addresses sent via EuropeanMX. The access data consisting of user name and password must then be stored in the respective mail client as outgoing mail server so that SMTP authentication can be carried out.

    Please use the following outgoing mailserver for the configuration in your mail client:

    User: Your_mail address
    Password: Your_Password
    Port: 587
    Authentication method: Password, unsecured

  • Domain authentication:

    This is a method where you set a password for your domain, with which your mail server can authenticate itself to us.

Adding an outgoing user


Log in to the admin panel. You can find instructions in our FAQ article "How can I log in to the Admin-Panel (web interface of the filter)?".


Click on "Outgoing" and choose "Manage users".


You can now create one or more users which are authorized to send messages via EuropeanMX. There are 3 different types of users:

  • Authenticating IP or range (e.g. a smarthost): Here you can enter the IP address or IP address range of your mail server. 
  • Authenticating User: Here you can specify the user name and password for SMTP authentication.
  • Authenticating Domain: Here you can set the password for SMTP authentication.


Click on "Add and configure".


Edit the necessary outgoing user settings, such as connection limits, identification method, DKIM selector and various other settings. You can find a describtion of each option below.


Click "Save" to apply the settings of the outgoing user.

Settings for the outgoing user

Password: Here you can change the password for the outgoing user. (not available with IP-Authentication!)

Identification Method: Choose between the following methods

  • Authentication users: Use this method if each user authenticates himself with his username in the form of his e-mail address and password.
  • Envelope Sender: Use this method if you use a smart host and authenticate via an IP address or a range. 
  • Header: If you use this option, you can add any number of identification lines for the header that we should search for in the message header.  For example, you might have a system that adds an "X Client ID" header that uniquely identifies each of your end users.  This is especially interesting if you use domain authentication, as it allows spammers to be found faster. For more information on using identification lines, please see our FAQ article "How can I use the identification method "message header"?".

Automatically lock: If you enable this feature and EuropeanMX detects more than 5 spam messages within 10 minutes for an outgoing user, the user will be automatically blocked and will not be able to send any more messages until the administrator activates this feature. The user can be unlocked via "Outgoing" > "Manage Users".

Do not use this feature if you send your outgoing messages for a smarthost.

Lock identities automatically: This function is used to prevent spam. If you enable it and EuropeanMX detects more than 5 spam messages within 10 minutes for a sending identity, the identity will be blocked and will not be able to send any more messages until an administrator activates it. The identity can be unlocked via "Outgoing" > "Manage identities".

User and identity lock timeout: The maximum number of minutes that an outgoing user or identity is locked and cannot send any messages. This lock only applies if you use the "Lock automatically" or "Lock identities automatically" functions.

Maximum unlocks per timeout: The maximum number of times a user can be unlocked by the system after an automatic lock. The user must then be unlocked manually by the domain administrator.

Lock template: Select a template to be sent to the sender whose user is locked at EuropeanMX.

Enable outgoing connection limits: Use outgoing connection limits to prevent mass sending of spam or non-spam messages.

Limit per month: Amount of outgoing connections that can be opened per month

Limit per week: Amount of outgoing connections that can be opened per week

Limit per day: Amount of outgoing connections that can be opened per day

Limit per hour: Amount of outgoing connections that can be opened per hour

Limit per minute: Amount of outgoing connections that can be opened per minute

DKIM selector: Enter the DKIM selector you want to use for your domain here. Once you have entered a selector, please make sure that DKIM is also stored in the DNS settings of your domain. You can find more information about DKIM in our FAQ article "What is DKIM for me and why should I use it? How does the setup work?".

Maximum number of recipients per day: The maximum number of recipients that a sender can write to per day. (The value 0 means that no limit is set).

Quarantine response: Here you can define how EuropeanMX should react to the sender if a message is detected as spam and moved to quarantine. If you use the "Rejected" option, EuropeanMX will send an error message to the legitimate sender once an outgoing message has been blocked and quarantined. If you use the "Accepted" option, the message will still be blocked and quarantined, but the sender will not receive an error message. It will look to him as if the message has been sent. This will help the administrator to check the ARF report before requesting a release of the meassage.

Please note: To protect the reputation of our servers, outgoing messages can only be released from quarantine by our support team (

Message archiving for senders: If you enable this option, all outgoing messages of this user will be archived. If you leave this option unchecked, no outgoing messages from this user will be archived.

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