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What does the "Fair-Use Traffic Agreement"mean? Is a dynamic monthly billing based on traffic usage also possible?

Under the Fair-Use-Traffic agreement, we offer an inclusive traffic of 1GB per domain per year, whereby we calculate a traffic of 100 MB per month.

What happens if the traffic is exceeded?

Nothing in the first step. As the name suggests, the traffic agreement should remain fair for all parties involved.

An automatic recalculation of the additional consumption would be less optimal for our customers, after all it can happen, seasonally or due to a large number of delivered newsletters, that the monthly traffic is not sufficient. For this reason, EuropeanMX first observes the exceedance. If the traffic contained in the tariff is exceeded for more than 3 months in a row, the user as well as we will receive a corresponding notification. We then make an appointment and work out an individual offer together with our customer, with which both sides can be satisfied.

Alternatively, we can also carry out a dynamic traffic billing per month if requested by the customer. The standard price of 4.90 EUR per 100 MB of traffic will be charged.

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