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Are the domain and its settings automatically transferred from the trial package to a paid package?

There is no automatic transfer to a paid package. The trial is completely free of charge and without obligation. After the end of the trial, the domain is automatically removed from our system.

If you are satisfied with the result and you want to switch to a payment plan, it makes sense to upgrade your account before the end of the trial is reached. This allows you to transfer the settings for your domain from the trial phase to the new tariff. The easiest way to perform the upgrade is to click on the "Upgrade to paid plan" button in the filter administration of your account. 

Important: If you no longer wish to use the filter, please make sure that you reset the MX settings to their original values. Otherwise, you will no longer be able to receive messages because our servers will not accept any more messages after the domain has been removed from our database.

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