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What are MX records and which ones should be used for incoming filtering?

What is a MX record?

The MX record in the DNS settings of your domain is responsible for mail traffic. Here you define the mailserver which is used to receive incoming messages for your domain. Using multiple MX-records with different priorities is a backup mechanism to prevent messages from being lost if a server should fail. If the primary server cannot be reached, the system automatically accesses the secondary server and attempts to deliver the message at this point. Please make sure that your MX records always point to the correct destination so that you can receive emails.

Which MX records do I have to use for EuropeanMX?

In order to use EuropeanMX for your incoming messages, it is mandatory to adjust the MX records in the DNS settings of your domain at your domain provider. Without changing the MX-records the use of the incoming filter is impossible! The following entries are required:


The numbers 10 - 40 represent the respective priority. Please pay attention to the points at the end of the entries, which may be necessary depending on your provider. These 4 entries should be the only ones of type "MX", others may have to be deleted. It is best to make a note of the original MX entries so that you can restore them later. If you have problems to store the MX records, please contact your provider.

If you want to receive your messages only via servers within the EU, please contact our support (

The update of the DNS records can take up to 24 hours.

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