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How do I set up the outbound filter of EuropeanMX for my domain?

Please note: For security reasons we have decided to deactivate the outgoing filter by default. Please inform our support at if you want to send your messages through our filter. We will be happy to activate it for you.

There are different ways you can send messages to our outgoing filter. In the following we will introduce the two most important methods:

  • Using a mailclient:

The easiest way to use the outgoing filter is by user authentication. In the first step, you must define an outgoing user in the control panel. To do this, please click on "Outgoing" > "Manage users" and create a user (e. g. user@ihredomain.tld) and a password. You can  set the authentication method in the user's details. We recommend the method "Authentication User". In addition, you should activate the option "Lock automatically" to prevent unwanted misuse.

Please use the following outgoing mail server for configuration in your e-mail client:

Hostname: smtp. europeanmx. eu
User: Your_mail_address
Password: Your_password
Port: 587
Authentication method: Password, unsecured

  • Using a mailserver:

You can define an individual user (with username/password or IP) for the outgoing filter via which all outgoing messages from your mail server are sent. Most mail servers have a "smart host"solution that does this. You should disable the option "Automatically lock" to prevent the entire server from being blocked due to spam messages from a single end user. If you deactivate this option, all messages that are detected as spam will continue to be blocked and reported to the administrator for verification.

If you want to use the Smarthost solution, please make sure that you set the correct limit per user (based on your server).

Please note that our servers only accept a maximum of 10 connections from your server. This ensures an optimal delivery speed. To prevent you from receiving the message "421 Too many concurrent SMTP connections from this IP address; please try again later." and to save the messages in the queue, the connection limit of 10 connections must be strictly adhered to.

The hostname of our relay is "relay. europeanmx. eu". Please make sure to use port 587. If this is not the case, the messages are rejected with the error message "550 Relay not permitted!

IMPORTANT: If you use our outgoing filter for your messages, then you have to change the SPF entry in the DNS settings of your domain. This should look like this:

v=spf1 -all

Additional informations about how to create an outgoing user can be found in our FAQ article "How do I set up an outgoing user?".

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