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How do I set up Qmail to accept incoming messages only from the EuropeanMX servers?

To limit the delivery of incoming messages in Qmail to the servers of EuropeanMX, please follow the steps below 

Qmail - TCPServer

If you use Qmail in conjunction with tcpserver, you can add the following rule under etc/tcp.smtp so that all incoming connections are accepted by EuropeanMX.,RELAYCLIENT=''

Qmai - Inetd

If you run Qmail as an inetd service using tcp-env, the entire configuration of SMTP access is done from the following files: /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny. Do not forget to add your own SMTP clients to /etc/hosts.allow.


Add the following line to file /etc/hosts.allow:

tcp-env: setenv = RELAYCLIENT


Add the following line to file /etc/hosts.deny:

tcp-env: ALL

Dies verhindert alle eingehenden Verbindungen, außer der, die über die Datei in Schritt 1 festgelegt wurde

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