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How do I set up IceWarp to send messages via the outgoing filter?

In this article we describe how you can set up the outgoing filter on your IceWarp server in just a few steps. By following the steps below, you will redirect all outgoing messages from your server to our filtering cloud.


Ensure that the IP address of your mail server has been created as outgoing user in EuropeanMX. For instructions on how to set up an outgoing user, please refer to our FAQ article "How do I set up an outgoing user?".


Make sure that the correct limits are set for the outgoing user in EuropeanMX. 


Select "Mail".


Go to "General" > "Delivery" and select "Use relay server".


If you have all outgoing messages authenticated by IP address, you can simply add "".

If you authenticate all outgoing messages with a username and password, you can add " Replace "user" with the username and "pass" with the password you previously set for the outgoing user in EuropeanMX.

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