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How do I set up Exim(DirectAdmin) to accept incoming messages only from the EuropeanMX servers?

To limit the delivery of incoming messages in Exim(DirectAdmin) to EuropeanMX servers, please follow the steps below.


Create the file /etc/virtual/EuropeanMX_incoming_domains.


Add to the file the domain names that you want to secure with EuropeanMX Use one line per domain name.


Add the following part to the config file at "domainlist".

domainlist EuropeanMX_domains =    lsearch;/etc/virtual/EuropeanMX_incoming_domains


Change RCPT ACL as follows:

domains = +EuropeanMX_domains
!hosts = : localhost
message = Please deliver mail to the address specified in the MX records for this domain.


Save these settings and restart Exim.

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