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How do I create a domain in EuropeanMX?

If you don't have an Eunetic account with us yet, you can register for a free, no obligation trial on our website

If you already have an account, please first log on to our website using your email address and password. Then go to the start our page ( and click on "Free trial".  You will now reach the shopping cart. Click on "Checkout" to proceed to the next step. Now confirm that you have read and understood the terms and conditions and complete the purchase by clicking on "Buy" (our trial is non-binding and free of charge, there is no billing!) 

Start configuration

As soon as you have purchased a trial or a paid tariff, you can select the menu item "EMAIL-FILTER" under "MY PURCHASES". Then click on "New domain" to create your domain in EuropeanMX.

Set up your domain

Please enter the domain name without "www" for which you want to activate email filtering and click on "Check".

You can still adjust/change this in the following step.

Enter target mail server

The setup wizard now tries to determine the current mail server configuration based on the existing MX records of your domain and adds the found values as target server to EuropeanMX. Normally the hostname of your mail server should already be correctly recognized and entered under "Target mail server setup".

Please change the target server if you want the messages to be delivered to a different server. If you are unsure what the hostname of your mail server really is, please ask your provider through whom you operate your server.

All emails that pass through our filter and have been classified as harmless will be delivered to this hostname by EuropeanMX.

Set up alias domains (OPTIONAL)

If you want to use alias domains, please enter the domain names without "www" at this point. Further information on alias domains can be found in our FAQ articles "(How) Can I use domain aliasing?" and "How are subdomains or aliases handled?".

Configure additional administrator access for Admin Panel

In the last point you can still set up an administrator access. With this access you can log into the Admin-Panel directly on our website Choose an email address that is not managed under the domain you want to secure, otherwise you may encounter login problems as an administrator later.

You can find more information about login in our FAQ article "How can I log in to the Admin-Panel (web interface of the filter)?".

Complete configuration

Click on "SETUP FILTER" to complete the domain configuration.

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