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Which settings for incoming filtering can I make for my domain?

Under "Incoming" > "Domain settings" you can find the following settings:

  • Primary contact email: Here you can specify which mail address should receive direct notifications from the filter. 
  • Email notifications From address: Here you can define which sender address should be used for notifications from EuropeanMX to your users (e.g. sender address for email scout reports, etc.).
  • Enable logging of invalid recipients: With this option you can specify whether messages to invalid recipients (misspelled mail address) should still appear in the log.
  • Direct delivery for mail and domain aliases: If you activate this option, messages to aliases are no longer delivered to the original address, but to the alias address itself. This affects both mailboxes and domains. Please note that the log search will still return the original address.
  • Rejected local-part characters: If EuropeanMX finds one of these characters in the local part of the recipient address for an incoming message, the message will be rejected. For more information please refer to our FAQ article "How can I reject messages with certain characters in the recipient address?".
  • Time zone: Select the time zone in which your domain is managed.
  • Automatically activate daily email scout reports: First of all, please note that EuropeanMX does not send email scout reports to shared mailboxes or distribution lists. This is to prevent reports to invalid email addresses.

If you have enabled the automatic reporting feature, an Email Scout report will be automatically generated at the specified times (up to 3 times a day) and sent to any valid mailbox on your domain.  This report lists all quarantined messages and gives you the opportunity to release and train incorrectly classified messages with one click. If no message has been quarantined, no report is generated. Every user has the possibility to unsubscribe from the report on his own, if the report is not desired. 

Please note that the automatic reports cannot be generated if the catch-all function is activated.

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