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What is HAM? How can I report HAM messages?

If it should happen that a message has been blocked by mistake, you can report it as non-spam (HAM). For this purpose, we have included a "not-spam report"function in our filter, which you can use to send us messages in EML or MSG format. The messages are then used to train our filter and further improve spam detection.


You have 2 options to report a non-spam message to us.

  • 1st variant:

In our web interface you can upload an EML file under Incoming/Non-Spam-Report. Unfortunately, you cannot upload any messages from Outlook (MSG files) at this point. At present, only files in EML format work. Normally, you can also release the message directly via quarantine and train the filter.

  • 2nd variant:

Another way to report spam is to send us the message as an attachment to our address It is important to note that the corresponding message may only be forwarded as an attachment. Otherwise, the report cannot be processed by the server. Unfortunately, it is not possible to open a new message and add the spam message as an attachment by dragging and dropping, since in most cases the important header of the message is changed or damaged. Please mark the message for forwarding, right-click on it and select "Forward as attachment".

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