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(How) Can I use domain aliasing?

If you have several domains, you can make use of our free alias option. Through our web interface you can add domain aliases directly to the main domain. Instructions on how to create your domain in EuropeanMX can be found in our FAQ article "How do I create a domain in EuropeanMX?". Every email sent to the domain alias will be sent to the same user of the main domain.

Let us assume you are the owner of the domain "" with a destination mail server "" and the domain alias "". E-mails sent to are delivered to the mail server "" with the recipient However, the "To:" field in the e-mail header will still show the original recipient

Admin panel

Domain aliases do not have separate access to the admin panel, so you will still need to log in with your normal access data. Since all SMTP traffic of the domain alias is automatically routed through the main domain, all changes/lookups to the main domain will also affect the domain alias. This means that if you search for a specific message in the log search, the recipient will be displayed as user@maindomain.

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