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Is there anything to consider with Exchange (2010 - 2016) or Office 365 regarding archiving (journal)?

If you use EuropeanMX for both inbound and outbound email filtering (using the smart host setup), all external SMTP communication is automatically archived as part of the domain for which archiving is enabled. But Microsoft Exchange does not route internal communications through the outgoing smart host, so by default internal communications are not archived.

However, archiving internal communication is quite simple and can be done using the Exchange protocol system. The journaling system allows Exchange to automatically send a copy of all internal communications to an external email address.

As long as you have set up the external email address with EuropeanMX for archiving, the EuropeanMX inbound filter will process the message and archive it. Configure the destination address to which the journaling reports are sent as a recipient in the whitelist. This means that there is no filtering for the received messages.

Find the global journal address

The global journal address can be found under "Archiving" > "Status".

Please note: If the address ends with "@MX-record-hostname", please use "" instead.

Configuring Journaling in Microsoft Exchange 2010


Open EMC - Organization Configuration - Hub Transport - Journal Rules.


Right click and select "New Journal Rule".


Enter the global journal address in "Send Journal reports to e-mail address".


Select "Internal Scope".


Select "Journal messages for recipient" and select the "Dynamic Distribution Group" for this domain.

Configure Journaling in Exchange 2013/2016/Office 365


Log into the Exchange Admin Center (EMC).


Go to Compliance Management > Journal rules.


Enter a valid email address to receive journal failure alerts.


Click on the + (plus sign) and create the journal rule as follows:

  • Send journal reports to: Enter the global journal address noted from the "Archive" > "Status" (see above).
  • Name: Give the rule a meaningful name.
  • If the message is sent to or received from: Choose [Apply to all messages].

  • Journal the following messages: Select "Internal messages only".

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