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How can I set up the archive function for my domain?

With the archiving function of EuropeanMX you are able to archive all incoming and outgoing messages that have been filtered by us for your domain in a legally compliant manner and can access them whenever you need them.

Please note: The archiving function is only available if you have booked this option with us. Please contact our support if you have any questions (

Activation of archiving for your domain


Log in to the Admin-Panel as administrator. Instructions for logging into the panel can be found in our FAQ article "How can I log in to the Admin-Panel (web interface of the filter)?"


Once you are logged in to the admin panel, please click on "Archiving" and then on "Status". Activate the function by clicking on "Enable".


Archiving is active for all mailboxes by default. After activation, a list of parameters and values are displayed.

If you do not want to archive a specific mailbox, you can deactivate the archiving function for this one address. You can find instructions for this in our FAQ article "How can I exclude certain mailboxes from archiving?".


If you want to archive the outgoing messages as well, you have to make sure that the option "Message archiving for senders:" is activated for the outgoing user. In order to activate this option, go to "Outgoing" > "Manage Users" and click on the drop-down menue at the desired user. Choose "Edit" and activate the checkbox "Message archiving for senders:". More information about how to configure a outgoing user can be found in our FAQ article "How do I set up an outgoing user?".


All incoming and outgoing messages delivered by EuropeanMX are now archived.

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