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How can I search for archived messages?

As an administrator of a domain, you can search the archive of the entire domain with your account. As an email user, only your own archive with your personal messages is available to you. 

Please note: You can only use the archive if you have booked this option with us. Please contact our support if you have any questions (


Go to "Archiving". There are two menus to search the archive for messages:

  • Search - incoming: Select this menu item if you want to search for incoming messages.
  • Search - outgoing: Select this menu item if you want to search for outgoing messages.

A click on one of the two items opens the log search for archived messages.


To regenerate the index, you can click on the button "Regenerate Index" at the top of the page. This will create a new index allows you to search within the message text and the attachment content. The index is stored for 7 days. Please note the indexing options described in our FAQ article "How can I make the settings for archiving and what options are available?". These options can only be set or changed by the domain administrator. The more options you use, the longer the indexing process takes.


If you are looking for a specific message, you can use the search rules to narrow down the results. Click on "+ New rule" to set up an (additional) search rule. 


In the "Customise" drop-down menu ("Columns to be displayed") you can display additional columns with useful information (such as delivery date, message ID, etc.).


Click on "Show results" to receive the search results.

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