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How can I make the settings for archiving and what options are available?

In the settings for your archive, you can define whether and after how many days archived messages can expire and which part of a message you want to index.


Log in to the Admin-Panel as administrator. Instructions for logging into the panel can be found in our FAQ article "How can I log in to the Admin-Panel (web interface of the filter)?". Click in "Archiving" > "Settings".


If you want to remove the archived messages after a certain period of time, you can activate the option "Let messages expire". You can then specify the number of days you want to keep the messages in your archive. If you want to archive the messages indefinitely, leave the checkbox unconfirmed.

The maximum number of days that can be entered in this field is 10000.


Below you can configure the indexing settings, i.e. you can tell EuropeanMX which parts of a message should be made searchable.

Please note: Enabling all indexing options can have an impact on performance.

  • Header: Searches for text in the name or value of the header of the message in question. For example, search for messages that have an X-Campaign header or have a specific name in the CC header.
  • HTML: Searches the HTML version of the message. Many senders send their messages in both HTML and plain text. We recommend that you leave this option active so that messages in HTML format can also be searched.
  • Text: Searches the plain version of the message (plain text). Since some senders can send the message without HTML or if the text cannot be extracted from the HTML version, you should always leave this option active.
  • Images (using OCR): Searches the image for contained text. EuropeanMX will use OCR to search images received via email for text and add the text found to the index.
  • Attachments / Documents (.doc): Searches a Word document (Microsoft Word 2003 and earlier) for text and adds it to the index.
  • Attachments / Documents (.docx): Searches a Word document (Microsoft Word 2007 and earlier) for text and adds it to the index.
  • Attachments / Documents (.pdf): Searches an unencrypted pdf document for text, which is added to the index together with some metadata (e.g. author and subject). However, images are not processed with OCR.


Click on "Update" to apply the settings.

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