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How can I calculate the approximate size of the required archive store? Do you compress archived messages?

EuropeanMX only archives "clean" e-mails when archiving is activated. After filtering, all messages to be archived are compressed, encrypted and stored on different server nodes for redundancy reasons.

The spam rate varies greatly depending on the domain, but is usually between 35% and 70% of all messages. With a monthly traffic of 10 GB and an average spam rate of 50%, your domain would generate about 5 GB of archivable data volume for incoming and outgoing emails each month.

Of course, the messages in the EuropeanMX archive are compressed to save storage space. The compression rates are about 2:1 to 5:1 depending on the e-mail (attachment). On average, the above-mentioned data volume of 5 GB would require about 1.8 GB storage space due to the data compression.

With a monthly storage requirement of 1.8 GB, 21.6 GB would be required for a complete year. With a defined storage period of 6 years, you would have to plan for a capacity of approx. 130 GB. Of course, you can have the booked storage capacity and the desired duration of storage adjusted to your needs at any time. Please contact our support team, who will be happy to help you.

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