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More than just a simple spam filter.

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You emphasize email security in your organization? Protect your customers and employees from spam, phishing, ransomware and other threats with the professional Anti-Spam protection from EuropeanMX.

By using EuropeanMX you filter 99.98% of all spam and virus emails before they reach your corporate network. You also benefit from a reliable and fail-safe e-mail platform. If necessary, you can also filter outbound messages to maintain your IP reputation and protect your customers from cyber threats. As a special service, in addition to our spam filter, we offer encrypted cloud storage for audit-proof archiving of your e-mail correspondence. The EuropeanMX e-mail archiving helps you to comply with the legal requirements (GDPdU, Sarbanes Oxley, SEC rules).

EuropeanMX offers all-around spam protection as an easy to set up "Software as a Service" solution, completely cloud-based and completely without expensive software installation on your servers or clients. The core functions are divided as follows:

Incoming Filtering

Use the cloud redundancy solution EuropeanMX as a reliable spam filter. Our system offers nearly 100% filter accuracy and virtually no false positives.

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Outgoing Filtering

Protect your IP ranges before getting blacklisted. Automatically lock hijacked accounts, block outgoing spam and be informed about any suspicious activity.

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Continuously archive your emails with EuropeanMX to always have a backup of your emails at hand and to act lawfully in accordance with current European directives.

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Inbound Filtering


EuropeanMX spam & malware protection.
With almost 100% filter accuracy.

The filtering of incoming e-mail has become an absolute necessity for any business. The cost of a good filter solution will prove itself as a profitable investment through increased productivity and long-term savings of time and money.

The good into the pot, the bad into the crop
-Cinderella, Grimm's Fairy Tales

Spam and malware will end up in our quarantine box, while your actual email communication is immediately passed through to your mail server and can optionally be archived automatically. To achieve this, EuropeanMX uses a self-adaptive, high-performance database with continuous real-time synchronization.

More than 5 billion processed emails per month and weekly development cycles ensure that the service is always up to date. New malware threats are immediately detected. Malicious mails are filtered out by the anti-spam software even before they reach your network.


Protect your mailboxes against spam, viruses, phishing, harvesting and other malware attacks from botnets and spammers. EuropeanMX manages the software, monitors all servers around the clock and proactively solves any problems that might arise.


A filter precision of 99.98% for all incoming spam emails with a market-leading false-positive rate of 0.0001%. With millions of messages that are sent every second, every minute, every hour, every day, EuropeanMX is the sensible choice!


If your mail server for incoming mail is not available, the inbound filter will continue to accept messages and hold them in queue. Spread over 10 data centers world-wide, the EuropeanMX cloud reaches virtually 100% uptime.

Outbound Filtering


Protect your reputation.
With EuropeanMX no malware emails will ever leave your company.

Do not just protect yourself from incoming threats. Outgoing e-mail security is just as important to any business as inbound message protection. You secure your IP ranges and guarantee the reliability of your services and e-mail continuity.

Unfortunately, an unwanted dispatch of spam or malware through your mail server can also be occur within your company, e.g. by careless employees or by willful attacks. Thanks to the EuropeanMX Outbound Protection, these e-mails are immediately recognized and not delivered at all.

Securing outgoing mail protects blacklisting from IP addresses, ensuring a high reputation for your corporate IPs. In addition, it ensures that your actual e-mail communication is not disturbed by negative events.


Prevent delivery of malware and spam through your infrastructure, leaving an impression of questionable professionalism of your company. EuropeanMX allows you to block compromised accounts automatically and respond quickly to ARF reports about cases of abuse in your network.


Protecting your IP reputation by promptly blocking compromised accounts on your network ensures reliable delivery of your outgoing emails. There is nothing more unpleasant and time-consuming than e-mail messages that do not reach the intended recipient due to a low IP reputation.



Always a secure backup of all your e-mails.
E-mails are among the main means of communication and must be treated as such.

Archive emails in the secure EuropeanMX cloud with multi-tiered redundancy and failover mechanisms, currently distributed to over 10 different data centers world-wide.

Fulfill legal obligations for email archiving (GDPdU, Sarbanes Oxley, SEC rules) and permanently store mails immutable and encrypted (SSL, AES). All archived e-mails are kept in compliant, migratable formats, so you are not even bound to our solution. You can access your messages anytime and request a redelivery whenver required.

Convinced yet?



Chose the domain count and required archive size for your EuropeanMX package.

Email Users:
100 / Domain
100 MB / Month *
Contract Period:
12 Months *

4,95 € / Month
58,80 € / Contract Period
plus VAT

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact our sales team.
* The Fair-Use-Traffic included in the package price refers to the monthly data volume of your e-mail traffic. In case of constant exceeding of the included traffic, you will be informed by us to negotiate appropriate conditions. The service remains active even if the volume contained in the package is exceeded in order to guarantee an uninterrupted use.
The contract period is automatically extended by a further period if no notice of termination has been received within 30 days prior to expiry. The contract term is also the billing period.

Benefit from over 20 years of experience in hosting and internet services.
As a reliable and established full range provider, we guarantee you quick processing times and continued availability.

Security through Redundancy

10 data centers world-wide guarantee your email continuity.

Complete Control

Multi-tiered control panel to adjust everything to your needs.

Software as a Service

SaaS means no software installation required on your servers or clients.


24/7 monitored, managed and maintained.


Additional security level for Office 365


Encrypted, tamper-proof Email-Archive with unlimited retention.
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