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You emphasize email security in your organization? Protect your clients and employees with EuropeanMX.

EuropeanMX protects your company by blocking 99,98% of all spam and virus emails before they reach your company network. This also works outbound to protect your reputation and clients. Last but not least we offer you encrypted cloud storage to archive all your emails according to international law regulations (GDPdU, Sarbanes Oxley, SEC-Rules).

Incoming Filtering

Use the cloud redundancy solution EuropeanMX as a reliable spam filter. Our system offers nearly 100% filter accuracy and virtually no false positives.

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Outgoing Filtering

Protect your IP ranges before getting blacklisted. Automatically lock hijacked accounts, block outgoing spam and be informed about any suspicious activity.

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Continuously archive your emails with EuropeanMX to always have a backup of your emails at hand and to act lawfully in accordance with current European directives.

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Inbound Filtering


EuropeanMX spam & malware protection.
With almost 100% filter accuracy.

The filtering of incoming e-mail has become an absolute necessity for any business. The cost of a good filter solution will prove itself as a profitable investment through increased productivity and long-term savings of time and money.

The good into the pot, the bad into the crop
-Cinderella, Grimm's Fairy Tales

Spam and malware will end up in our quarantine box, while your actual email communication is immediately passed through to your mail server and can optionally be archived automatically. To achieve this, EuropeanMX uses a self-adaptive, high-performance database with continuous real-time synchronization.

Thanks to over 5 billion messages processed every month, new developments in the malware environment are immediately recognized and filtered before they reach your network.


Protect your mailboxes against spam, viruses, phishing, harvesting and other malware attacks from botnets and spammers. EuropeanMX manages the software, monitors all servers around the clock and proactively solves any problems that might arise.


A filter precision of 99.98% for all incoming spam emails with a market-leading false-positive rate of 0.0001%. With millions of messages that are sent every second, every minute, every hour, every day, EuropeanMX is the sensible choice!


If your mail server for incoming mail is not available, the inbound filter will continue to accept messages and hold them in queue. Spread over 10 data centers world-wide, the EuropeanMX cloud reaches virtually 100% uptime.

Outbound Filtering


Protect your reputation.
With EuropeanMX no malware emails will ever leave your company.

The filtering of outgoing email messages is an absolute necessity for any business that wants to both protect its IP ranges, and the reliability of its services and its email continuity.

Unfortunately, no company is absolutely safe from unintented sending of spam or malware through their mail servers by careless employees or due to intentional attacks. Thanks to the additional outbound filtering with EuropeanMX these emails are immediately recognized and will not get delivered.

This does not only protect you against blacklisting, hence maintaining a high reputation of your company's IPs, but also ensures that the actual email communication is not disrupted by adverse events.


Prevent delivery of malware and spam through your infrastructure, leaving an impression of questionable professionalism of your company. EuropeanMX allows you to block compromised accounts automatically and respond quickly to ARF reports about cases of abuse in your network.


Protecting your IP reputation by promptly blocking compromised accounts on your network ensures reliable delivery of your outgoing emails. There is nothing more unpleasant and time-consuming than e-mail messages that do not reach the intended recipient due to a low IP reputation.



Always a secure backup of all your e-mails.
E-mails are among the main means of communication and must be treated as such.

Archive emails in the secure EuropeanMX cloud with multi-tiered redundancy and failover mechanisms, currently distributed to over 10 different data centers world-wide.

Fulfill legal obligations for email archiving (GDPdU, Sarbanes Oxley, SEC rules) and permanently store mails immutable and encrypted (SSL, AES). All archived e-mails are kept in compliant, migratable formats, so you are not even bound to our solution. You can access your messages anytime and request a redelivery whenver required.


The effect of the Mailfilter is reflected by the significant decrease of incoming spam. Likewise, the cost of inspection and filtering of spam could be reduced. Meanwhile, the usability is perceived as very clear, because of steady improvements of the service.
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- Iris Müller, EcholoN - mIT solutions GmbH
I was desperately looking for a solution for a customer that had required an email firewall with integrated quarantine. After I tried desperately to setup something myself and had only very outdated software, I started a Google search for a company which offers that. I found EuropeanMX and was immediately ...
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- Michael Schmid, Schmid Digital
After thorough research and intensive testing, the decision has been made to work with EuropeanMX / EUNETIC GmbH. After the integration into the productive system spam problems belong to the past. Once an email is routed through the EuropeanMX platform, it ensures the reliable delivery.
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- Lars Golder, Optikom Media GmbH
We have EuropeanMX now for several years in use and are extremely happy with this product. So far, we have seen no virus attacks and the flexibe and adjustable anti-spam protection works very reliable. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that we have considerably less e-mail traffic on our internet connection. ...
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- Ralf Innerkofler, PCN
We are using EuropeanMX for several years now and are very happy with it. The Anti-Spam Module works reliably and is highly customizable. The Protection is as the first "email firewall" more than adequate. Despite extensive configuration options, the default settings were already setup so useful ...
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- Anand Pai, BEST GmbH
With a little adjustment in the settings and the reporting tool of the few remaining spam messages in our inboxes we were completely spam free within the first days of the free trial. We can highly recommended EuropeanMX!
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- Jan Matthias Colberg,
With EuropeanMX our company with about 300 user accounts feels safe from Internet threats - it filters without delay, with simple, intuitive handling and meaningful status messages for each account. We are very satisfied.
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- Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Stock - CEO, Christburg Campus gemeinnützige GmbH
We are experimenting with on- and off-site Spam Filter solutions more or less successfully for a couple of years now. The EuropeanMX Trial environment was already so convincing that we changed our e-mail servers immediately and permanently to relay through EuropeanMX. The Email Filter saves us a lot ...
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- Dr. Thorsten Fröhlich, art + bijou Dr. Fröhlich GmbH
Now, only a few weeks after using EuropeanMX, our mail service has greatly improved, our mail servers workload is reduced, the inbound SPAM almost completely stopped and delivery finally reliable.
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- Alessandro Bindi, ICT manager, Politecnica Enginee, Politecnica Ingegneria e Architettura
The times in which one could still smile about the contents of a spam e-mail are unfortunately over. On the one hand the quantity of pests has taken alarming proportions (and stole our valuable business time) and on the other hand identifying that many Spam and phishing E-Mails has become difficult, ...
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- Stefan Heinzl, HTS Touristik
After long years of an unsuccessful search for a simple and efficient solution to filter all the SPAM, we decided to test EuropeanMX. The configuration was done in the shortest possible time, just as quickly as the always positive feedback from EuropeanMX Support. The filtering has clearly taken a majority ...
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- Mag. Siegfried Wintereder (CEO), cloud.consult e.U.
We use EuropeanMX for over a year now and since then, our company network is reliably protected against spam and viruses. It was especially important for us was, in addition to the E-mail Security, also the possibility to archive e-mails.
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- Martina Greiner, Weboleo Internet Agency
The result was very convincing. Immediately after the test phase of EuropeanMX, the amount of spam dropped drastically, so using EuropeanMX permanently was no question. The simple handling and the always-available personal service also left nothing to be desired. I can wholeheartedly recommend EuropeanMX.
- Detlef Volk,
We are using this service in order to protect our network from Spam and Viruses sent over Email. With EuropeanMX we receive a reliable and attentive service. We are very happy with EuropeanMX
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- A. Jäger - IT-Leitung & Administration, Freiwillige Feuerwehr Bönnigheim
A product is only as good as the service behind it. Therefore, for well over 10 years, we have worked successfully with the creators of EuropeanMX who, with their flexibility and an uncomplicated and customer-oriented approach, cover our backs in our daily work.
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- Tobias Greitzke, information design
Great functionality for very reasonable price. EuropeanMX is an effective tool which freed our inboxes from being flooded with spam. The strongest side of Eunetic GmbH however is an outstanding technical support team. We are their clients because of these advantages.
- Kamil Sawon, Krysztaly 3D
We originally changed to the company EUNETIC with their service EuropeanMX for pure reasons of cost. Meanwhile, we havealso learned to appreciate the easy-to-use web interface and also the added value by the provided security services without additional charges.
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- Andreas Schieren, GRASS GmbH
As a webdesign agency in Düsseldorf, we had to fight hard with the high volume of spam. Since the introduction of EuropeanMX we have our spam under control and our mailboxes finally returned to normal. The administration is easy to set up as well, filtering runs perfectly. I'm thrilled across ...
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- Branimir Witt, Baseplus DIGITAL MEDIA GmbH
We are very happy with the company EUNETIC GmbH. The employees are extremely competent and answer fast to E-Mails. We can highly recommend the company.
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- Michael Edlinger, Trade-Line-Partner
The objective was to achive a high level of filtered spam messages without the non-spam messages being sorted out and delivered without delay. All in all is EuropeanMX, in the fight against spam, very recommended!
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- Bastian Seeleib and Michael Attenberger, ErOn UG
Our selection criteria was on one hand the transparent options in the settings of the spam filter by a simple handling directly through the Web application, as well as a daily user report of spam mails. These criteria are met by EuropeanMX.
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- Sascha Reiß (IT Administrator), Peter Kaiser Schuhfabrik GmbH

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